British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa
British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa
Friday Morning Seminars
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The Manorial System and How to Use Manorial Records
Celia Heritage
09:00-12:00    The Chamber
Many researchers ignore manorial records or treat them as a last resort. However, manorial records, potentially covering the thirteenth to the twentieth centuries, can be key to helping us unravel our pedigrees. They are also one of the best sources for gaining an insight into our ancestors’ daily lives.
This seminar will explain the manorial system and also look at various documents produced by the manor that will be of the most use to family historians. Celia will concentrate on records from the 1700s onwards, but also explain how to tackle earlier Latin records when you have no or little knowledge of the language.
Regular Price: $40.00 Member Price: $40.00

Managing Your Genealogy Research Project
Ken McKinlay
09:00-12:00    Room 1A
When we first start delving into our family tree research we often do it in a haphazard way. This seminar will discuss tips and tricks to approach your genealogy research methodically. It will touch upon using software or websites to record information, categorizing the information found, and choosing alternate resources to fill in blanks in your research. Real-world examples will help highlight some of the possible challenges that you may face and the ways to overcome them.
Regular Price: $40.00 Member Price: $40.00 Seats Remaining: 17