British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa
British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa
Friday Afternoon
The Friday Afternoon Seminars are described below.
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Pedigree, Provenance and Place
Celia Heritage
13:30-16:30    The Chamber
Celia will discuss what Verified Pedigree Level (VPL) research is, how to achieve it, and how to assess whether it is achievable in a particular case. VPL research involves learning the sources’ provenance and accuracy, to decide whether they will be helpful. She will also explain the importance of ‘place’ in family history research, both geographically and in terms of your ancestor’s place within his/her own family, and how to explore those aspects of your ancestors’ lives.
Regular Price: $40.00 Member Price: $40.00

Maps and Mapping
James F.S. Thomson
13:30-16:30   Room 1A
This workshop will explore sophisticated ways in which maps and mapping tools can contribute to family history research, analysis and writing. James will describe a new generation of map portals and interactive sites, before moving on to concentrate on explaining how a variety of mapping and other tools can be used creatively and effectively in your own genealogical projects, as research aids or in communicating project outcomes. The resources and examples used will be chosen with English and Welsh research in mind, although the principles and techniques described will be independent of geography.
Regular Price: $40.00 Member Price: $40.00 Seats Remaining: 3