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Volume 27 (2021)
  • Summer: Ida Naylor Bancroft Cooke, War Bride (Brenda Turner) ** Our Journey to Canada: Nancy (Nan) Archibald, née Chester, 1921–2021 (Nan Archibald and Margaret Amoroso) ** A Tale of Three War Brides (Lynne Willoughby) ** The Cream of the Crop (John D. Reid) ** Membership Report (Ann Burns) Available in the Members Only section.
  • Spring: Canada’s War Brides: Love and Marriage in Times of Uncertainty (Glenn Wright) ** Mary Imhoff, the War Bride on Our Family Tree (Carol Annett) ** Researching WW II British War Brides to Canada (John Reid) ** War Brides of the First World War (John Reid and Glenn Wright) ** Minutes of the 2020 Annual General Meeting. Available in the Members Only section.
Volume 26 (2020)
  • Winter: Gordon Caldwell McIvor: Expectation and Reality on the Canadian Prairie (Joan Banks) ** Time Travel Portals (Anne Renwick) ** We Shall Remember Them: Private Maurice Victor Whittle (Nigel Lloyd) ** The Cream of the Crop (John D. Reid) ** Membership Report (Ann Burns) in the Members Only section
  • Fall: The Leathems: From County Cavan,Ireland To Huntley Township, Carleton County (Heather Ashe) ** A Matter of Faith (Wendy Croome) ** From There to Here—My Journey (Kathy McConkey) ** We Shall Remember Them Private Stanley Theodore Hunter (Lynda Gibson). Available in the Members Only section. 
  • Summer: Emily Charts a New Course ** My Father’s Trunk: The Beginning of a Genealogical Journey We Shall Remember Them:  2nd Lieutenant Charles J. Ervine ** BIFHSGO Database Review. Available in the Members Only section. 
  • Spring: John and Grizzel's Epic Adventure to the Land of Milk and Maple Syrup ** Who's Crazy? The Sad Tale of Mary Brydon and Mental Health in 19th Century Ontario ** We Shall Remember Them: Corporal Lancelot Gange Spooner ** Celebrating an "Invaluable Resource" - the Middlemore Project ** Minutes of the 2019 Annual General Meeting. Available in the Members Only section. 
Volume 25 (2019)
  • Winter: The Travels and Trials of Adam Logan, Dairyman**A Tale of Two Names**We Shall Remember Them**Impressions of RootsTech London
  • FallThe Story on the Stone—Part II: Secrets of the Grave; Postcards from Around the World—Part IV; We Shall Remember Them  Private Henry George Chamberlain.
  • Summer: Finding 21 Children: Simple--Not So Simple!**Postcards from Around the World--Part III**We Shall Remember Them: Second Lieutenant Nassau Barrington Stephens. 
  • Spring: Reflections on the History of BIFHSGO ** The Future of BIFHSGO ** Manchester Life as the Second World War Comes Calling ** We Shall Remember Them ** Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue—From the Library ** Minutes of the 2018 Annual General Meeting.
Volume 24 (2018)
  • Winter: Surviving Passchendaele**The Family Wall**Manchester Life in the 1930s--Part V**We Shall Remember Them**Then and Now--Twenty Years of Genealogical Computing.
  • Fall: Finding the Fitzpatricks Fennells ** A Story About My Dad ** Postcards from Around the World—Part II ** Manchester Life in the 1930s—Part IV ** A Great Little Great War Story ** We Shall Remember Them.
  • Summer: Postcards from Around the World ** Montreal's Early Presbyterian Churches: History and Sources ** Manchester Life in the 1930s: Part 3 ** We Shall Remember Them: Lt. Arnold Charles Scott ** A Treasury of Memories? ** BIFHSGO Member Interests Survey Results.
  • Spring: Aggie's Life (Mary Agnes McGrath) ** Manchester Life in the 1930s: Part 2 ** We Shall Remember Them: Pte. Oscar Franklin Thorsteinson ** Minutes of the 2017 AGM.
Volume 23 (2017)
  • Winter: The Documents Never Lie: "The Stalwart Brydons" ** Manchester Life in the 1930s: Part 1 ** They Called Him Mister Wickham ** We Shall Remember Them: Pte. Charles Edward Smith.
  • Fall: The Queen's Coachman (Edwin Miller) ** The Aftermath of the Christmas Blitz (Story of the Morton family) ** We Shall Remember Them: Spr. William Victor Demery ** Annual General Meeting 2017 Report.
  • Summer: Battle of the Booksellers ** First In, Last Out: Part Two ** The Story of the Aquitania ** We Shall Remember Them: Lt. George Frederick Jervaulx Jarvis.  
  • Spring: A Not So Merry Christmas ** First In, Last Out: What What Came In Between? Part One ** The Quarriers Children: From Scotland to Canada ** We Shall Remember Them: Capt. Richard James Tipton, Royal Flying Corps ** Minutes of the 2016 AGM
Volume 22 (2016)
  • Winter: The Sash Our Irish Ancestors Wore ** DNA for Family History Research ** The Cutler with a Social Conscience ** We Shall Remember Them. 
  • Fall: Henry James Cromie: A Life of New Beginnings ** Overcoming Adversity: The Billingsleys ** Traumatic Start to Ottawa War Bride Voyage ** Edwin Salway: From Somerset to Stayner ** Lance Corporal Clarence Ellyn Fletcher, CEF. 
  • Summer: What's in a name? (Boucher, Bouchier) ** Tracing the Origins of the Somers Family ** We Shall Remember Them: Private George Willam Burrows. 
  • Spring: Confidence and the Genealogical Proof Standard ** Gratuitous Treasure: Imperial War Service Gratuity Records, 1912-1923, and Family History ** Family Frauds: Researchers Should Beware of Perpetuating Falsehoods from the Past ** Annual General Meeting 2015 Minutes. *** Imperial War Service Gratuity Records: Arthur HibbsAlfred HillGeorge WrightMay Helen HigginbottomMagnus Work.  
Volume 21 (2015)
  • Winter: Down Family of Ontario and Devon: Part 2 ** My Ancestors Were All Ag Labs - Or Were They? ** 21st Annual BIFHSGO Fall Conference
  • Fall: Cowley Family Saga - Part 3: Back to the Beginning ** The Dawn Family of Ontario and Devon: Part 1 ** Results of the BIFHSGO members survey ** 2015 AGM report.
  • Summer: The Irish Wigelsworth Family ** The Rambler -- Exodux from Savary ** The McGirrs of Castledreg.
  • Spring: The Queen's Photographer, an Abyssinian Prince and My Great-Granduncle Charles ** Archie's Rifles ** The Sovereign's Sovereigns: A Royal Bounty for Triplets ** Annual General Meeting 2014 Minutes ** Long-time BIFHSGO Librarian Betty Warburton Retires.
Volume 20 (2014)
  • Winter: Bert Morris' War, Part 2 ** Canada's 1914 War Dead ** The Somme ** A Precious Legacy ** A Little DNA Detective Story
  • Fall: BIFHSGO writing contest award winners ** The Cowley Family Saga: Part 2 ** Adventures of a Library ** Picturing Knoydart Then and Now ** The Ballad of John Keys ** Report on the 2014 AGM
  • Summer: Travels With My Aunt: Adventures in Europe 1914 ** An Officer and a Gentleman ** John Henry McVittie: Before, During and After World War I
  • Spring: ...and a Brother Who Went to Australia? ** By the Skin of My Teeth ** John Price and the "Perthshire Grey Breaks" ** Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 2013 ** Minutes of the Special General Meeting 2013
Volume 19 (2013)
  • Spring: Prize-making in the War of 1812, Relatively Speaking ** The Search for James Lightbody and the Magnets Passenger List ** In Search of Hugh ** Genealogy: the Motivations, the Investments, the Records ** Minutes of the 2012 Annual General Meeting
  • Summer: Isabella McPhail Tait: Pioneer ** A Very Insolent Old Man ** An Indenture Saga ** My Mysterious Photos, Part 2 ** Don Treble's Ancestral Journey
  • Fall: The Cowley Family Saga: Part 1 ** Found in a Monastery? ** The Cutter Genealogical Odyssey ** Treasure in the Ottawa City Archives
  • Winter: Eleanor Eagar's Descendants ** Little by Little from County Mayo ** These Old Walls of Ireland ** BIFHSGO's 19th Annual Conference
Volume 18 (2012)
  • Spring: Perhaps Love: a Postcard from the First World War ** Little Girl Lost -- and Found ** The Yacht Armide Eleanor, Ellen and Frances
  • Summer: The Great Tooley Street Fire ** The Dolls of War ** The Kindness of Strangers ** My Mysterious Family Photos ** A Study of Genealogists
  • Fall: Bound for Canada ** The Rowe Family Bible ** Searching for Uncle Percy ** A Mystery Solved in South Africa ** Discover the War of 1812 ** It's Your Library: Use It or Lose It!
  • Winter: Mamie Weir, a Scot ** Life in Saskatoon, 1912 ** Tracking Great-Uncle Stan ** BIFHSGO Trip to Québec ** Fall Conference 2012 ** Ottawa Poet Allan Matthews
Volume 17 (2011)
  • Spring: Shearman Godfrey Bird and Amoi Chun ** A Mother for Edward Albert Weir ** 2010 Annual General Meeting ** Brian O'Regan Memorial Library ** Genealogical Services at Library and Archives Canada
  • Summer: An Introduction to Researching Your Roots in Northern Ireland ** He Wore His Buttons Well: Discovering the Details of an Epic Rescue at Sea ** Harry Gray's Pub ** 2011 Annual General Meeting: Directors' Report ** Stars of the BIFHSGO Conference ** Memories for Sale
  • Fall: Her Majesty's Hospitality ** Florence O'Boyle's Irish-Anglo-Canadian Lineage ** Home Children ** An Amendment to Revealing the Blake Family: a yDNA Analysis ** Homeward Bound From Bannockburn: Another Great Moment ** The Bookworm
  • Winter: Genealogy Clues: Know Your Sources ** What Happened to the Hodge Home Children? ** "Hugh" Would've Thought It?
Volume 16 (2010)
  • Spring: Circling the Wagons around Jack Fraser ** Finding Sarah ** The Notman Photographic Archives and You ** Minutes of the 2009 Annual General Meeting ** BIFHSGO Writing Workshop
  • Summer: Hold on Tight! Tickets Please! A Family Story Revealed ** William Morley and Some Seventeenth Century Wills ** The Irish Registry of Deeds for Genealogists ** Scotland's Demographic History since Victorian Times
  • Fall: St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church Baptism, Marriage and Death Records 1829-1949 ** The Story on the Stone: Remembering Angus McKinnon ** A Visit to Salt Lake City ** Report on the 2010 Annual General Meeting ** On Writing a Family Story ** Using Contemporary Novels for Background Material in Family History Writing ** A Day at the London Metropolitan Archives
  • Winter: Revealing the Blake Family -- a yDNA Project ** Local Roots of Governor General David Johnston ** 2010 Fall Conference ** BIFHSGO Writing Workshop ** The Importance of Being Ernest ** Home Children Book Project
Volume 15 (2009)
  • Spring: The Luck of the Scots ** Doors Open and There is My Great-great-grandfather ** Simplified Publishing of Military Research for Distribution to the Family ** Don't Believe All You Read ** Secret Secretaries ** Minutes of the 2008 Annual General Meeting ** BIFHSGO President Speaks to City Council
  • Summer: British Socio-Economic Revolution 1700-1900: Putting the "Labourer" in Context ** The Journeys of Annie Cromie ** Chattie's Diary ** BIFHSGO Members Receive Ontario Heritage Trust Community Recognition Awards
  • Fall: Bert Morris's War ** A Discovery in Brompton Cemetery, London, England ** My First Genealogical Post-nominal ** Push, Pull and Opportunity: Why Scots Emigrated to Canada ** First Steps Beginners' Course ** 2009 Annual General Meeting Report
  • Winter: My Ancestral Fleet ** Clare County Bourchier Families ** Young Tom Moor ** Fall Conference 2009
Volume 14 (2008)
  • Spring: Genealogy and Copyright Law ** In My Father's Footsteps to the Western Front ** The Great-grandfather Cuthbert Enigma ** Crossing the Atlantic in the Great Age of Sail ** John Edgar Birch: the Music Man
  • Summer: Grosse Île and the Irish Memorial Historic Site ** Finding My Leitrim Roots ** Lunatics in the Family ** The Davidson-McCabe Family: A Winning Historica Project ** New Reproduction of an Old Dictionary
  • Fall: BIFHSGO Home Children Program ** Home Children's Stories: Remembering Brockville's Scottish Orphans ** Henry Gilchrist: A Quarriers' Home Child ** John Harold Russell: A Home Child Success ** Edith Millwood Jeavons ** The Poet and the Princess
  • Winter: Fall Conference 2008 ** Meeting the Whiz Kids of Genealogy ** Lieutenant John Henry Kennedy ** Lunghua, a Civil Assembly Centre ** An Emotional Moment in Genealogy ** Delving Into Deep Ancestry -- My Personal Quest
Volume 13 (2007)
  • Spring: Hurrah for Helpful Librarians ** Stop, Look and Linger ** Remembering St. Columban ** Family Secrets Revealed by DNA Analysis ** Scottish Statutory Records ** The Middlemore Project: Part X ** Conference 2006: Scotland Records Report
  • Summer: The Citizen Casts New Light on Family History ** Scottish House of Roger ** Great Brits of Beechwood Cemetery ** The Middlemore Project: Part XI ** Bridging the Gap: Searing for Present Day Relations in Scotland
  • Fall: Scottish House of Roger ** Over the Brick Wall to Bannockburn ** Beechwood Cemetery Part 2: Hector McPhail's Enduring Legacy ** More Delightful Irish Discoveries! Part II ** Visiting an English County Record Office ** Publishing a Family History ** Some Offbeat Untapped Genealogy Sources
  • Winter: Baa-Baa, Black Sheep: Thinking Outside the Fold ** Canadian Immigration Records ** The Sons of England and Beechwood Cemetery ** DNA Testing Answers a Key Question ** Sarah (or Louisa) Fairbrother: Who Was She?
Volume 12 (2006)
  • Spring: A Pattern of Early Parental Deaths in Both Major Family Lines in Victorian Great Britain ** Finding a Crack in a Brick Wall ** The Not So Impossible John Smith ** William James Topley, Photographer (1845-1930) ** The Middlemore Project: Part VI: Guthrie Home, London, Ontario ** Search for Sarah Jarvis ** Naive Assumptions About Census Records
  • Summer: Lee Blackadar: Searching for his Story ** The Middlemore Project: Part VII ** A Special Squadron ** Florence Field: Home Child ** An Introduction to English Manorial Records
  • Fall: Watts and Related Families of Dunfermline ** The Middlemore Project: VIII ** The Arctic Expeditions of Dr. Seymour Hadwen ** Canada's Invisible Immigrants ** Searching for Elusive Eliza An Africa -- England Odyssey
  • Winter: Annual General Meeting Report ** The Middlemore Project: Part IX ** Scotland: The Records of a Nation Online ** Fall Conference 2006 ** In Search of a Rogue ** More Delightful Irish Discoveries! Part I ** New Brunswick Middlemore Home Children Reunion
Volume 11 (2005)
  • Spring: Who was Jack Fraser? ** The Magic of Family History ** A Discombobulating Moment and a Slow Dawning ** Devonians in Ontario ** The Middlemore Project: Part 2: The Middlemore Family and its Origins ** John Heney & Son: Adventures in Tracking an Ottawa Commercial Family ** The Family History Library Catalogue ** Land, Estate and Freeholders' Records in Ireland ** Emigration Under the Poor Law ** Volunteer Profiles: Joyce and Cliff Quince ** The Bookworm ** Book Review: Not a Pioneer!: A Memoir of Waipa and Raglan, 1871-1960 ** The Official Journal of The Federation of Family History Societies
  • Summer: Finding Frances ** Researching a Sharpshooter: Private John Clark ** The Middlemore Project: Part III ** Heraldry: Signs and Sources ** Soaking up Genealogy in Salt Lake City ** Genetics and Family History: Building Better Pedigrees and Saving Lives ** The Launch of the Ottawa Sharpshooters ** Minutes of the 2004 BIFHSGO Annual General Meeting ** The Bookworm ** The Printed Page
  • Fall: Bringing Life to History, Bringing History to Life ** The Middlemore Project: Part IV ** John Rumble: Poor, Illegitimate, Orphaned Child, Forgotten Man ** Catholic and Protestant Church Records in Ireland ** The Family History Library Catalogue ** On Making Memories ** The Bookworm ** The Printed Page ** Gatineau Preservation Centre ** Behind the Scenes at BIFHSGO ** Tea at Eldon House ** 1911 Census of Canada--Free at Last
  • Winter: BIFHSGO Annual General Meeting ** Looking For Family Homes in 18th Century Scotland ** The Ragman's Children ** Following Great Uncle John ** Jerome and the Gallaghers: or How I Found (Maybe) a Link Between a Rural Legend and an Ancestral Family ** Tools for the Travelling Genealogist ** BIFHSGO Conference 2005 ** Weather and Family History ** The Middlemore Project: Part V: Voyage to Canada ** The Bookworm ** London Streets and Neighbourhoods ** The Printed Page
Volume 10 (2004)
  • Spring: The Ottawa Sharpshooters: A Journey to the Northwest ** Great Moments in Genealogy: Part 1: A Great Middlemore Moment * Another Great Middlemore Moment ** Sharpshooter Stories: Private George A. Sparkes * Osgoode * Private Basil H. Bell — the “Low” Tax Revolt *  Rogers -- Memorial Church Windows ** Searching Scottish Family History From Canada ** A Genealogical Trip to England ** The Queen's Coachman: Our Only Claim to Fame ** Gleanings from the Library and Archives Canada
  • Summer: Great Moments in Genealogy, Part 2: Lost at Sea, Almost Found ** Scottish Ancestral Trail of the Borders ** Who was John Pullman and Where did He Come From? ** Charles Julius Hoffman: He's Been Found! ** Making Strides With Strouts: How a Random Search on the Internet Made My Day ** Harriet Iddiols: A Death in the Time of Cholera ** Researching the Middlemore Home Children ** The Canadian Naval Heritage ** Tracking a Loyalist: A Personal Experience ** Digital Library of Historical Directories ** Learning Opportunities ** Northern Dancer, Rich Little and the Senator Who Fell Out of a Train ** Minutes of the 2003 BIFHSGO Annual General Meeting September 2003 ** Building Family Stories ** Gleanings from the Library and Archives Canada
  • Fall: The Bradley’s: Thrice Hacking Through the Wilderness to Build a Country ** William Bradley of Savannah (~1695–1777) ** Captain William Brown Bradley of March (1771–1850) ** Raymond Brown Bradley (1893-1953) ** Researching the Ottawa Sharpshooters ** Researching Sharpshooter William Keys Humfrey ** An Irish Fling: Delightful Discoveries! Part I ** Is There a Federal Civil Servant in Your Family Tree? ** Help in Solving Your Family History Research Problems ** Learning Opportunities ** Volunteer Profiles: Bert Hayward and Mary Holder ** The Prehistory of the British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa ** The Bookworm
  • Winter: BIFHSGO Annual General Meeting ** BIFHSGO Conference 2004 ** Genealogy Research Evolves: Ten Years of Growth and the Ten Years Ahead ** Shadow Dance Spirits: A Conference Participant from B.C. ** An Irish Fling: Delightful Discoveries! Part II ** Combining Genealogical and Family Trait Genetic Research ** The Middlemore Project: Part I: Birmingham at the End of the Nineteenth Century ** Re-launch of Digital Library of Historical Directories ** Members' Problems: Robert Thomas and Mary Elizabeth Clarebrook Jack ** Update on Release of Data: 1911 and Subsequent Censuses ** Heather Macdougall: BIFHSGO Summer Research Assistant ** Volunteer Profiles: Jeanette Arthurs and Brian Chamberlain ** A Middlemore Odyssey
Volume 9 (2003)
  • Spring: Great Moments in Genealogy ** Tartan: An Historical Puzzle and a Tale of the Unexpected ** Going Beyond Portraits in Your Family History ** LDS Databases ** Planning a Family History ** Gleanings from the National Archives of Canada
  • Summer: The Use of Land Registry Records for Genealogical Purposes: II ** Ethics and Genealogy: Can They Co-exist? Part I ** The Scots-Irish ** Index to Volume 7 of Anglo-Celtic Roots ** What is the Casey Catalogue? ** The Passing of Kenneth Fawcett Collins ** Minutes of 2002 BIFHSGO Annual General Meeting ** Minutes of BIFHSGO Special General Meeting
  • Fall: Technology for Genealogists: Tools, not Toys ** Ethics and Genealogy: Can They Co-Exist? Part II ** Finding Your Ancestors on the Internet: One Approach to a One-Name Study ** LDS Databases -- Or "Whatever Am I Going to Talk About?" Part 2 ** Putting Flesh on the Bones of Your Devon and Cornwall Ancestors ** The Ottawa Sharpshooters: Part 1 -- "To Action"
  • Winter: BIFHSGO Annual General Meeting ** BIFHSGO Conference 2003: The Basics and Beyond! ** Who are We? The Changing Questions of Identity in Canadian Census Enumerations ** The Development of the Calendar and Its Significance for Genealogists ** CD: The Ships List™: Passenger Ship Arrivals—Canadian Ports 1865-1899 ** The Ottawa Sharpshooters: Part 2: “Frustration, Tragedy and Triumph” ** Roll of the Governor General's Food Guards: Ottawa Sharpshooters ** Tec Cornelius Aubrenan: The First Irish-born Immigrant to Canada ** The Bookworm: Norfolk Books ** Book Review: Publishing Your Family History  ** Learning Opportunities ** 1911 Census of Canada: Update on Release of Data
Volume 8 (2002)
  • Winter 2001-2002: The National Burial Index for England and Wales ** Gleanings from the National Archives of Canada ** Annual General Meeting ** English Roots Conference a Big Success ** Conference Papers ** Tracing John Smith ** Out of Russia: c1870s - 1917
  • Spring: The Story of John and Peter: An Irish Story in the County of Leeds ** Searching for Busteed Green ** Plumbing the Depths: Family History and Medieval English Urban Records ** Great Moments in Genealogy ** Presentation by Gordon D. Taylor on Behalf of BIFHSGO ** Using Ships' Passenger Lists to Find Records of Your Ancestors
  • Summer: John Throgmorton Middlemore and the Children's Emigration Homes ** Finding, Dating and Using Old Photographs ** Gleanings from the National Archives of Canada ** Balchin Family Society: One Family's Story ** Your Research Findings: To Publish or Perish ** Two Sisters Meet After 59 Years ** Researching in Norfolk England ** Searching for Saints
  • Fall: ** Accessing and Using the National Archives for Family Research ** Finding, Dating and Using Old Photographs ** Britain's Gift that Keeps on Giving ** Gleanings from the National Archives of Canada ** Eighth Annual General Meeting: Directors' Reports ** Dig Deeper: Six Feet May Not Be Enough ** A Story of Two Lives Written by a Lunatic Nativity ** A Million Forebears
  • Winter 2002-2003: On the Make: Scots in the British Empire in the Eighteenth Century ** Annual General Meeting: New President and Directors Elected ** Scottish Emigration to Canada: The 19th Century Experience ** The Devine Lectures are Here! ** Finding, Dating and Using Old Photographs ** The London Gazette at the National Library of Canada and Online ** Fast Sailing and Copper-Bottomed with Lucille Campey ** The Canadian Genealogy Centre: an Overview ** The Use of Land Registry Records for Genealogical Purposes
Volume 7 (2001)
  • Winter 2000-2001: Parish Records in England and Wales ** Gleanings from the National Archives of Canada ** Old Medical Terms ** The 1881 British Census and National Index CDs ** Sixth Annual BIFHSGO Conference Places Focus on the United Empire Loyalists ** BIFHSGO Beginners' Course Sets Newcomers on Right Path ** Census Campaign
  • Spring: Home Children Canada: Whence and... Oh heavens!... Whither? ** Gleanings from the National Archives ** Review of the Panel on Access to Historical Records ** Great Moments in Genealogy ** Searching for Poor Ancestors ** Tips on How to Have a Successful Research Trip ** Carleton University to Acquire Upper Canada Immigration Records
  • Summer: The Revolution is Over, Now What? ** Phillimore's English Parish Records ** Gleanings from the National Archives of Canada ** The Role of the Library in Family History Research ** Great-Great-Grandmother had Green Thumbs ** Using Books and Other Library Holdings to Identify Photographs ** The Value of Ordnance Survey and Specialty Maps ** Genealogical Research on the Internet ** Genealogy Organization Tips ** The History of Welsh Surnames
  • Fall: Loyal She Remains ** Jennie McMeekin Comes to Manitoba ** Researching British Airmen of the Great War ** Finding Your Family in the Newspaper ** Paper of Record ** From Near and Far ** Lateral Search Experiences and the Lure of History ** My First Trip ** Alfred deR. Taylor London, England to Ladner, BC: 1881 to 1901 ** Newsgroups, Mailing Lists and E-Zines ** Maple Leaf Project
Volume 6 (2000)
  • Winter 1999-2000: The South African War -- The Shape of Things to Come ** The Irish Featured at BIFHSGO's Conference 99 ** Gleanings from the National Archives of Canada ** Public Library's Genealogist-in-Residence Program a Huge Success ** The Montreal Public Library: Salle Gagnon ** Notarial Records: An Overlooked Resource ** Solving Some Common Family Research Problems ** Let Your Imagination Soar ** Wealth of Copyright Facts
  • Spring: Mr Goad's Marvellous Maps ** Gleanings from the National Archives of Canada ** Census Campaign ** The Printed Page ** Great Moments in Genealogy ** Five Named to BIFHSGO Hall of Fame ** The Bookworm ** From Near and Far ** The Fairbairn Family History ** James Sharpe aka Charles Perry--My Grandfather's Double Identity
  • Summer: Gleanings from the National Archives ** The Printed Page ** Your Publishing ** Researching E Stone Wiggins: Ottawa's Weather Prophet ** Publishing My Irish Family History ** Confederation Square and a Barbershop with a Past ** Dedication of the Brian O'Regan Memorial Library ** War Art and Genealogy ** The Bookworm ** From Near and Far ** Unravelling the Mystery of the Mathews of Sligo
  • Fall: Who Were the Loyalists? ** An Almost Unknown Genealogical Resource--The British Library's Electoral Register ** Parish Records of the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa ** The Tide of Emigration to the United States and the British Colonies ** Gleanings from the National Archives of Canada ** Irish Resources at the Family History Library ** The Printed Page ** Problem Solving Sessions Wind Up Yearly Meetings ** History Through Dolls ** The Bookworm ** Where's Isaac? ** Routes to Roots ** From Near and Far ** Fifth Annual General Meeting: Directors' Reports
Volume 5 (1999)
  • Winter 1998-1999: Publishing Your Family History ** Going Astray ** A Genealogical Trip to Scotland ** The Royal Canadian Legion ** Bombadier Rintoul's Letters ** Local Collections ** BIFHSGO Research Fund ** More Gleanings from the National Archives of Canada ** Transportation by Steamboat and Road ** Names from the South Coast of England
  • Spring: Preserving Family History--Making Sense of the Pile of Old Photographs ** Coming to Canada in the Forties ** 190 Graves Lie Forgotten in the Heart of Ottawa ** The Printed Page ** Local Collections ** Great Moments in Genealogy ** Problem Solving Kicks off First Meeting of 1999 ** Radio Requests ** From Near and Far ** Searching Cemeteries for Family History Clues ** Lyndhurst HBH McAdoo ** British Isles Place Names in Canada ** Gleanings from the National Archives of Canada
  • Summer: Remembering Brian O'Regan ** Uncover Photo Inscriptions ** General Register Office of Scotland: Online Access to Vital Records ** It's Not in the Family History Catalog! What do I do Now? ** The History of the Highland Dress ** Beechwood Cemetery ** The Irish in Osgoode Township ** Canadian Participants in the South African or Boer War ** Names from the South Coast of England
  • Fall: Lessons Learned in Researching English Ancestry ** Preserving Family History--Making Sense of the Pile of Old Photographs ** My Visit to General Register House ** Appraisal of the Brian O'Regan Donation ** The Printed Page ** Book Review ** Fourth Annual General Meeting: Directors' Reports ** Planning Your Research Trip ** Lt Col John By, RE ** John By, Hero without Honour ** Soldiers of the Rideau Canal ** The Helping Hand ** From Near and Far ** Kingston Holds First Capital Celebrations ** A Tale of Two Mothers ** Books by Jean Portugal Tell Human History of World War Veterans
Volume 4 (1998)
  • Winter 1997-1998: Coming to America 1497-1997 ** The National Library of Canada: Opening Doors for Genealogists ** News from 395 Wellington Street ** Local Collections ** The Printed Page ** Sharing Your Family History Interests ** The BIFHSGO Library ** Hong Kong Soldiers Remembered ** Table Talk ** From Near and Far ** Weather Can Add Colour to Your Family History ** A Devonian Died in Canada ** The Search for Tamar Tweats ** Great Progress on Home Children Project ** The Family History and Account Books of Philemon Wright ** British Isles Place Names in Canada
  • Spring: Lesser Known Ontario Family History Collections ** Using and Making Submissions to the Ancestral File ** News from 395 Wellington Street ** Local Collections ** The Printed Page ** The BIFHSGO Library ** Sharing Your Family History Interests ** Researching in London ** Great Moments in Genealogy ** More Gleanings from the National Archives ** The Townesend-Warner Letters ** British Isles Place Names in Canada
  • Summer: Communicating with Your Computer ** The Voyage of Patrick Burns and Margaret Burns ** How Old ** News from 395 Wellington Street ** The Print Page ** Genealogical Resources at the Ottawa Public Library ** A Special Find ** Founding Members Receive Pins ** From Near and Far ** The British Census for the Counties of Devon, Norfolk and Warwickshire ** Genealogical Pages Invite Rip-offs? ** Book Review ** Review of Ancestral Quest: Family History and Album Maker ** Perserving your Records ** Southeastern Ireland Names in Canada
  • Fall: Using Computers for Genealogy ** Fourth Annual Conference ** Local Collections: Fourth Annual General Meeting: Directors' Report ** Resources for Genealogical Research at the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa ** Northeastern Scotland Names in Canada
Volume 3 (1997)
  • Winter 1996-1997: Using Military Records for Family History ** The Helping Hand ** Research Notes ** I Thought I Was Scottish, But... ** Gleanings from the National Archives ** British Isle Place Names in Canada ** Rare Names are a Blessing ** Fishing Expedition Successful
  • Spring: Family Albums: Memories in Photos ** Home Children Passenger List for the Year 1870 ** Local Collections ** The Family History Library, Salt Lake City ** British Collection at the LDS Family History Library ** Desktop Publishing: Advice from an Expert ** Conservation and Preservation of Photographs and Documents ** The Helping Hand ** From Near and Far ** More Gleanings from the National Archives of Canada ** An Interesting Index ** British Isles Place Names in Canada ** A MacDonald and MacIntyre Family Story: From Scotland's Hebrides to Western Ontario ** Accepted Standards of Conduct for Family History Researchers
  • Summer: New Gatineau Building Houses Archives Collections ** UE Loyalist Records ** Local Collections ** Sharing Your Family Findings ** Family Records Centre Opens in London, England ** Rooting Around in Grade Four ** The Helping Hand ** Research Notes ** From Near and Far ** Plaque honours Colonel By as Founder of Ottawa ** More Gleanings from the National Archives of Canada ** Country of Birth: Sumatra ** Finding Ancestors in Northern Ireland ** Canadian Connection at Liverpool Museum ** British Isles Place Names in Canada ** Home Children Passenger List for the year 1870
  • Fall: How do Changes in Copyright Act affect your genealogical research? ** National Genealogical Society Conference was Worth Attending: A Member's Report ** Land Records in Danger: We need your Help now! ** Let the Stones and Timbers Speak: Preserving Canada's Built Heritage ** Home Children Passenger List for the Year 1884 (Part 1) ** Local Collections ** BIFHSGO news
Volume 2 (1996)
  • Winter 1995-1996: Adventures of Eve: A Mother's Castoff ** I Am My Own Emigrant ** My Ancestor: A Very Special Woman or Witch? ** British Directories ** Searching on the Internet ** Genealogy on the World Wide Web ** Canuck Pensioners of U.S. Civil and 1812 Wars, Part 2 ** Monaghan, Cavan and Louth Names in Canada ** So You Think You Are Irish ** Queries and Strays ** Pre-1990 Outer Hebrides Emigrants ** Mohr/Moore/Maurer Newsletter ** Some Named Parents of Irish Emigrants ** The Manchester Genealogist ** Land Grants in Nova Scotia ** Name Changes: Rhode Island 1800-1880
  • Spring: Family History Research and Writing ** Discovering My Irish-Scotch Ancestry ** My Most Remarkable Relative ** Canuck Pensioners of U.S. Civil and 1812 Wars, Part 3 ** My Ancestor: Traitor or Patriot ** My Ahnentafel 1330-1996 ** Names from Southwest Scotland ** Archival British/Irish Newspapers ** British Directories on Microfiche ** Britons Who Died Elsewhere ** Early Canadiana on Microfiche ** Land Grants to Early Settlers ** Unique Odom Library
  • Summer: The Baynes of Bytown ** The Bairds of Torbolton ** First Train Through Canadian Rockies ** Canadian Heroes in U.S. Civil War Part 4 of 4 ** Yorkshire Names in Canada ** Books 1996 ** Massive British Census Project Over ** New Big R 1997 ** Scots Burial Index Project ** U.S. 1890 Census Substitute ** Tracing Your British Ancestors ** The Devon Connection ** Query: Turner/Sullivan/Gillanders/Mitchell  
  • Fall: Canada in 1814-1815 ** Surnames ** Yorkshire Names in Canada ** In Your Ancestor's Image ** Books 1996 ** Access Amicus ** Britons Overseas ** Irish Mail Bride ** Irish to Scotland ** London & County 1811 Directory ** Newfoundland Newspapers  
Volume 1 (1995)
  • Winter 1994-1995: The Lanark Society Settlers ** Celtic Connection Documentary ** Photo Finds Family ** British Isles Place Names in Canada: Co Annagh ** National Archives of Canada Notes
  • Spring: The Hidden Welsh of the Ottawa Valley ** Welsh Genealogy ** Loyalists & the British Connection ** Coming of the Loyalists ** The Great Irish Famine ** Devon Place Names in Canada ** Welsh References ** Celts: Europe's Oldest Cultural Heritage ** Irish Clan Rallies
  • Summer: The Snedden Saga ** I Found My Irish Ancestry in Canada ** Canucks in the U.S. Civil War ** The Change of Calendar 1752 ** Book Reviews ** Glasgow and Renfrew Place Names in Canada ** American State Papers Public Lands and Claims Series ** Collectors of Scottish ** Everton's Genealogical Helper ** Maritime History Archives ** Royal Forest of Dean PHS ** The Scottish Genealogy Society ** Council of Irish Genealogical ** The Tara Circle Inc.
  • Fall: 1851 County Sligo Letter ** Canuck Pensioners of U.S. Civil and 1812 Wars ** My Ahnentafel 1340-1995 ** Names from Wales in Canada ** Occupations ** Book Reviews ** National Library of Wales Guide ** Calling Martins ** A Stray in High Sierra Country ** Passenger and Immigrations Lists ** Royal Irish Academy
Anglo-Celtic Roots Guide to Authors
If you have material that you think might make an interesting article for Anglo-Celtic Roots, but are not sure how to get started or how to organize it, consult the Anglo-Celtic Roots Guide to Authors. It covers the editorial policies, standards, and writing style precepts used in the journal.