British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa
British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa

Speaker Interviews

Our podcast series offers a variety of talks from our monthly meetings speakers, annual conference speakers, and family stories from our members.
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2014-2015 Season
Christine Woodcock talks to Dave Cross about Scottish immigration to Canada, the challenges to getting prepared for your Scottish research trip, and some background about where and what a research trip should look like.
2013-2014 season
Gillian Leitch talks to Dave Cross about the continuing story of her research on the Cutler family which now leads back to the 13th century.
Judy Thamas talks to Dave Cross about how an article from "Who Do You Think You Are" helped her in her further her research on John Armstrong Fielder.
Dave Cross talks to Ken Harley about his research into the Scott family and his presentation for our April 12 meeting. Ken talks to Dave about some of the interesting opportunities for further research on the family and the kind of information he has had to work with.
Dave Cross talks to Gloria Tubman about her experience in researching her grandmother, a home child from England to Quebec. The title of her presentation at our March 8, 2014 meeting is Researching Grandmother: An Education.
Dave Cross talks to Barbara Tose about the adventures her Aunt Nellie had in Europe in 1914 for our February 8, 2014 meeting.  Barbara talks about why her great grand aunt made the trip and the personality and duties of a Nursing Superintendant.
Dave Cross talks to Gail Roger about Bibles and Bugs: My Welsh Ancestors In and Out of Africa for our January 11, 2014 meeting. Gail talks about her great-great-uncle and her maternal grandfather and some of the circumstances about their life in two very different parts of Africa.
Dave Cross talks to Mary Anne Sharpe about Scots Wha Hae: DNA Trails in the Highlands. Mary Anne talks about an old McKenzie Clan family tree and how her husband is a very important part of the DNA research for this clan. Mary Anne's interview is the last of the four podcasts of our December 2013 Great Moment speakers.
Dave Cross talks to Susan McKellar about The Thrill of the Hunt: Looking for Corneil Homes. Susan talks about how searching for the various homes of the Corneil family added to the interest and excitement of her research. This is the third of our December 2013 Great Moment speakers.
John Reid talks to Marion Haunton about How Uncle George Met His End:  A Cautionary Tale. This is the second of four podcasts for our December 2013 Great Moment speakers.
John Reid talks to Leighann Neilson  about the Spanish Flu epidemic and her family in the Ottawa area for the December 2013 Great Moments.
Dave Cross talks with Anne Sterling about the co-incidences between herself and William Sterling Lamb.    
Dave Cross talks with Glenn Wright about his passion for military history.
Brooke Broadbent talks with Chris McPhail about his early interest in family history. (6 min.)
Brooke Broadbent talks to Brenda Krauter about her start in family history research.  
2012-2013 season
The June speakers talk about their Great Moments: Myra Coway   Duncan Monkhouse  Susan Davis  Andrew Frowd.
Bill Arthurs talks with Brooke Broadbent about his start in genealogy and One Name studies. (7.5 min.)
Get to know James Thomson and how his interest in maps has enriched his family studies. (Printed version of interview.)  
Dr. Rhona Richman Kenneally introduces us to cozy cottages in Ireland and the relationship between architecture and food in an interview with Brian Glenn. (10 min.)
Margaret Singleton gives us a preview of her book, The Box in the Closet. (7 min.)
Christine Jackson talks to Brian Glenn about her family's history along the A272 in Sussex. (13 min.)
Brooke Broadbent talks to Faye Kert about privateering during the War of 1812. (6.5 min.)