British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa
British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa


New military-themed presentations online for members
The two presentations delivered at our April 14 meeting are now available online for members. BIFHSGO member Sheila Dohoo Faure talked about our No. 1 Canadian Casulaty Clearing Station database and Dr. Sarah Lockyer from the Directorate of History and Heritage at the Department of National Defence talked about the Casualty Identification Program and its aims to identify newly discovered skeletal remains of Canadian service members. Links to these videos and the handout Sheila prepared are available on the Handouts/Video page in the Members Only section
Anglo-Celtic Roots Spring 2018 issue now available online for members
The Spring 2018 issue of Anglo-Celtic Roots has been published and is available online for our members by logging in to the Members Only section and clicking on Anglo-Celtic Roots. In this issue, Ann Burns shares her grandmother Agnes McGrath Sunderland's story in Aggie's Life, and Charles Morton writes the second installment about his life in Machester Life in the 1930s. Our WWI biography series continues with a story about Private Oscar Franklin Thorsteinson of the 10th Battalion, who was known as "Buster" to his Winnipeg Falcons hockey teammates and fans. 
For our friends who are not members, more than 20 years of Anglo-Celtic Roots are available in the Publications section on our website, including the Spring 2017 issue.
New member benefit — 40% off Forces War Records subscription
Starting now, BIFHSGO members can take advantage of a new member benefit — a 40 percent discount on a one-year or one-month subscription to Forces War Records. Learn more about this new member benefit in Discounts in the Members Only section.
Meet our 2017-2018 Board of Directors
Meet our new Board of Directors, elected and appointed at our annual general meeting on June 10, 2017.
Left to right: Glenn Wright, past president; Mary-Lou Simac, director, Publicity; Barbara Tose, president; Gillian Leitch, recording secretary; Kathy Wallace, director, Membership; Marianne Rasmus, treasurer; Andrea Harding, director, Education; Anne Moralejo, director, Communications. Absent: Lisa-Dawn Crawley, director at large. 
2017 BIFHSGO Hall of Fame inductee
Congratulations to BIFHSGO's latest Hall of Fame inductee, Gail Dever, who was recognized for her contributions to our society at our annual family history conference on September 30, 2017. President Barbara Tose presented her with a framed certificate.
For several years, Gail has been instrumental in managing BIFHSGO's website. Each year, she plays an important role in the success of our conference by maintaining its online presence, in addition to giving several talks at the event. Through her blog, Genealogy à la carte, she contributes to the genealogy community at large and often promotes BIFHSGO. 
Read more about Gail and previous inductees in our Hall of Fame section.
Gail Roger receives certificate of appreciation
At our September 9, 2017 monthly meeting, president Barbara Tose presented a certificate of appreciation to Gail Roger in appreciation of her many exceptional presentations delivered at monthly meetings during the past 13 years.
Barbara said, "It took Gail a few years before she decided to give a presentation, but since then she has entertained us almost yearly with her well-prepared, informative, and humourous presentations, delivered with such aplomb." 
Although Gail is moving to the west coast, she will remain a BIFHSGO member. We wish her well in her new location and hope she will visit us from time to time with tales of her genealogical adventures.
BIFHSGO announces best article and presentations of the year by members
At BIFHSGO's annual general meeting on June 10, 2017, president Barbara Tose announced the winners of the Best Anglo-Celtic Roots Article by a Member, Best Before BIFHSGO Talk by a Member, and Best Talk by Member awards
Inaugurating the award for the Best Before BIFHSGO Talk by a Member, Barbara announced that Glenn Wright was recognized for his talk, Canadians on Vimy Ridge, 1917: A Short Guide to Resources and Research, delivered in April of this year.
When announcing the winner of the Best Talk by a Member award, Barbara said, "We have an abundance of riches when it comes to great talks to choose from.
"However, it will come as no surprise to people who have heard her presentations to learn that this year our award goes to Christine Jackson." Christine's winning presentation was The Queen's Coachman—Our Only Claim to Fame.
The winner of our Best Anglo-Celtic Roots Article by a Member award was Terry Findley for his article, The Cutler with a Social Conscience: Joseph Banks Durham, 1816-1899, in the Winter 2016 edition, selected by a team of judges who reviewed all the articles published last year.
Previous award winners are listed here.
British Home Children book launched at BIFHSGO
BIFHSGO was proud to host an event Saturday, November 12, 2016, to launch Dr. Patricia Roberts-Pichette’s book, Great Canadian Expectations: The Middlemore Experience, about the almost 5,000 British Home Children who came to Canada between 1873 and 1936.
In all, more than 100,000 British Home Children came to Canada between 1869 and 1948, brought here by more than 50 British emigration agencies, including homes sponsored by John Throgmorton Middlemore, a medical doctor from Birmingham, England.
It is estimated that four million Canadians—12 percent of the country’s population—are descendants of a British Home Child.
BIFHSGO president Barbara Tose said, “We are very pleased to announce the publication of this wonderful book by Dr. Roberts-Pichette, which is an important addition to the study of Home Children. Since joining BIFHSGO in 1995 Patricia has been a significant contributor to our website’s searchable online databases about Home Children who came to Canada. Her efforts on behalf of BIFHSGO prompted her induction into our Hall of Fame in 2007.”
Copies of the book are available from Global Genealogy.