British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa
British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa


Research is one of BIFHSGO's main focus areas. Under the leadership of our Director of Research our goal is to preserve, research and disseminate Canadian and British Isles family history.
Our members devote thousands of volunteer hours, researching and transcribing data to provide databases that will help our members and the public explore their family history. 
If you have a suggestion for a project or are interested in volunteering, please contact the Director of Research and Projects.
We do not conduct family research on behalf of our members or the public, but if you would like help in finding a new or different direction for solving a specific research puzzle, send us a query.
Our Resources
We encourage you to explore our databases — all researched by our volunteers.
British Home Children
British Home Children Introduction to BIFHSGO's efforts to research their names and build databases
British Home Children: Their Stories Book published in 2010 to celebrate The Year of the Home Child 
Fegan Home's Index Database of more than 3,500 children's names, extracted from original papers currently held in private hands
Home Children Deaths Database of more than 4,000 names
Middlemore Home Children Notes Background informationon on how the index was compiled and the resources available for researchers
Middlemore Home Children Index — A  Database of 180 children, whose surname begins with A, brought to Canada by J.T. Middlemore's Children's Emigration Home
Middlemore Home Children Index — B to Z Database of more than 5,000 children, whose surname begins with the letters B to Z, brought to Canada by J.T. Middlemore’s Children's Emigration Home
Ups and Downs Database of 53,000 names of Home Children mentioned in Barnardo’s Ups and Downs magazine, 1895–1949 
Rideau Canal Soldiers, 1831 Nominal list of non-commissioned officers, privates and buglers of the Companies of Royal Sappers and Miners disbanded at the Rideau Canal in December 1831
Ottawa Sharp Shooters Company List, 1885 In late March 1885, in reaction to the proclamation of a Provisional Government by Louis Riel, thousands of volunteer militia soldiers set off for North West Canada to suppress the rebellion. Fifty-three men served in the Ottawa Company of Sharpshooters.
Foreign-Born Canadian Militia, 1907 Index to a list of 1,991 Canadian militia personnel in the permanent or volunteer force in 1907 who were not born in Canada. Most were of British origin. 
Canadian Casualty Clearing Station, WW I Database of the names and a growing collection of biographies of the 879 soldiers who died at No. 1 Canadian Casualty Clearing Station near the Front
Women's Emigration Database of almost 600 women assisted by the British Women's Emigration Assocation, headed by the Hon. Mrs. Ellen Joyce
Emigration 1906 Database of 99 individuals, including single, married and widowed women, as well as several children and men, who came to Canada in 1906, assisted by the British Women's Emigration Assocation, headed by the Hon. Mrs. Ellen Joyce 
St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Ottawa Baptism, Marriage and Death Records A book containing information about the early British Isles setlers in Bytown, Ottawa, and Hull 
Lancashire Diaries 1772-1910  With more than 1,000 surnames mentioned, these diaries provide insight into local life in Bury/Boston, Preston and Burnley in east-central Lancashire.
Other Resources
Links to Online Resources  Dozens of free genealogical sources
Surname Research Find out which ancestral surnames interest our members, and contact them.
Library Browse the titles in the collection of books we donated to the Ottawa Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society.