Ben Franklin Place

Map of the Local Area
This map shows the locations of Ben Franklin Place, local hotels, restaurants, and the public transit station.
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Free Parking at Ben Franklin Place
Ben Franklin Place (BFP) has a large parking lot, which is free and available to conference attendees.
On Friday onlyplease use the the east end of Lot B, which has been reserved for those attending pre-conference activities
On Saturday & Sunday only, overflow parking is available in the lot to the north of BFP—the entrance is off Constellation Drive.
Free Wi-Fi at Ben Franklin Place
BFP offers free Internet access in the open areas of the building through My Free Wi-Fi or Mon Wi-Fi gratuit. The Chamber and the Studio Theatre have separate networks. Details on these will be made available in the welcome kits.
Nutrition breaks and water bottles
There will be morning and afternoon nutrition breaks on all three days, Friday to Sunday. However, bottled water will only be supplied for the speakers. Please bring your own water bottles; they may be refilled at the water bottle filling station on the wall near the cafeteria. There are also drinking fountains in various locations.
Eating facilities at Ben Franklin Place
On Friday only you may buy food and drink in the small public cafeteria in BFP or at the cafeteria in the nearby Ottawa Administration Building, 100 Constellation Drive (north side of BFP).