Local Restaurants

Eating facilities at Ben Franklin Place
On Friday only you may buy food and drink in the small public cafeteria in Ben Franklin Place (BFP) or at the cafeteria in the nearby Ottawa Administration Building, 100 Constellation Drive (north side of BFP).
Commercial eating venues
BFP is conveniently close to a number of commercial venues, some listed below, where you may purchase meals:
Within walking distance (see map at Ben Franklin Place link)
Ben Franklin Place Cafe Open only on Friday
Cafeteria in City of
Ottawa Administration Building
Open only on Friday
100 Constellation Dr.
(North side of Ben Franklin Place)
Royal Oak
117 Centerpointe Dr.
(South side of Ben Franklin Place, across the parking lot)
Centrepointe Café & Deli
  (closed on Sunday)
117 Centrepointe Drive—unit 124A (behind the Royal Oak)
Within a short driving distance (see map above)
Chances R 1371 Woodroffe Ave. (in College Square Mall)
Tim Horton's
2301 Navaho Dr. (behind College Square Mall to the east)
1545 Woodroffe Ave., Esso Station at Knoxdale/Medhurst
Pizza Pizza 2301 Navaho Dr. (behind College Square Mall to the east)
Summerhays Grill 1971 Baseline Rd. (across from College Square)
McDonald's 1850 Baseline Rd.
Harvey's 1900 Baseline Rd. (in Home Depot)
Crispy’s Grill & Resto 1433 Woodroffe Ave, at Tallwood/Meadowlands
Ikea Pinecrest Shopping Centre, 2685 Iris St.