Lunchbox Choices

Lunch options are provided by Lunchbox Ottawa. Lunches include a homemade bun sandwich with salad and a drink. Salad dressing will be on the side, and drinks will be assorted pop or water. The cost of lunch will be $15 for all choices.
There will be no substitutions as the order is large and we are trying to keep costs and confusion to a minimum.
Lunches must be ordered before end of day, Friday March 2
Lunch choices:
1. P.A. Day
Sliced turkey breast sandwich (spring mix/tomato/havarti/ cranberry herb mayo) with salad (greens/cherry tomatoes/crispy onions/carrots/red peppers/cucumber)
2. The Summer Dress
Roast chicken sandwich (berry goat cheese/lemon pepper mayo/ cashew/bacon/greens) with salad (greens/cherry tomatoes/crispy onions/carrots/red peppers/cucumber)
3. The Fresh Prince
BBQ pulled beef sandwich (havarti-cheddar blend/mixed bell peppers/caramelized onion/garlic parmesan/arugula) with salad (greens/cherry tomatoes/crispy onions/carrots/red peppers/ cucumber)
Vegetarian choice:
4. P.H.D
Vegetarian sandwich (avocado/gouda/tomato/roasted reds/ lettuce/maple balsamic mayo) with salad (romaine/black beans/roasted corn/red pepper/pico de gallo/tortilla chips)