Ben Franklin Place

101 Centrepointe Dr. Ottawa
Map of the Local Area
This map shows the locations of Ben Franklin Place, local restaurants and the public transit station.
Click on "View Larger map" to identify locations.
Free Parking at Ben Franklin Place
Ben Franklin Place has a large parking lot which is free and available to attendees.
Free Wi-Fi at Ben Franklin Place
For those with Wi-Fi capable devices, such as smartphones, tablets and laptops, BFP provides free Internet access in the building via My Free Wi-Fi/Mon Wi-Fi gratuit in the Atrium and vicinity, neither of which require a password, and BFP01 in the Chamber and CTPS-Guest in the Studio Theatre, both of which require a password. Connection information/passwords will be made available to registered attendees.
Breaks and water bottles
There will be morning and afternoon breaks. Personal water bottles can be refilled at the water bottle filling station on the wall near the cafeteria. There are also drinking fountains in various locations.
Commercial eating venues
BFP is conveniently close to a number of commercial venues, some listed below, where you may purchase meals:
Within walking distance
117 Centerpointe Dr.
(South side of Ben Franklin Place, across the parking lot)
Within a short driving distance (see map above)
2301 Navaho Dr. (behind College Square Mall to the east)
1545 Woodroffe Ave, Esso Station at Knoxdale/Medhurst
2301 Navaho Dr. (behind College Square Mall to the east)
1971 Baseline Rd. (across from College Square)
1850 Baseline Rd.
1900 Baseline Rd. (in Home Depot)
1433 Woodroffe Ave, at Tallwood/Meadowlands