British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa
British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa

Speakers Bureau

BIFHSGO members listed below are available to speak about genealogical or family history topics at meetings, conferences and workshops. For more information, contact our secretary.
Speakers on this page:

After completing her PhD in Canadian History at l'Universite de Montreal, Gillian joined CDCI Research as a Senior Researcher and Analyst. Her gateway into history was through researching her own family's history (Canada, England, Scotland & Ireland).  She has published and presented on the history and identity of the British in Canada and the UK;  historical methodology; sources; and Doctor Who.
Topics include:

Ken's foray into his family tree research started with three simple family stories that he wanted to confirm or refute. He has now been researching his family tree for over 18 years and discoveries are still being made. He has given talks for several branches of the Ontario Ancestors (formerly the Ontario Genealogical Society), BIFHSGO, and the Ottawa Public Library. His talks generally focus on methodologies and providing the skills needed to help solve those brick wall problems.
Topics include:
  • Doing Family Tree Research in Your Pajamas
  • Chipping Away at the Brickwall
  • So You Want to Start Researching Your Family Tree
  • More about Ken

Duncan is the son of two British nationals who came to Canada at different times, as a result of the Second World War. Born in Toronto, and moving to Ottawa at an early age, Duncan did all his schooling in Ottawa, and spent all his working career in Ottawa, first in private industry and then in the Federal Government. Duncan’s interest in the family history was piqued in 2008 when his wife started researching her family and a colleague went to Shanghai, where Duncan’s maternal family had spent some time.
Topics include:
  • Mary Ann Flannery – From Ireland You Say?
  • Elizabeth Ann Foster – Where Did You Come From? Where Did You Go?
  • The Henderson Boys – They ALL Died at Sea
  • More topics

Barbara Tose
Barbara descends from a long line of farmers, teachers and merchant seamen. She began her family research in 1982 and has continued her work, as time permits, ever since. She was President of the British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa (BIFHSGO) from 2014-2018. She is currently the Past-president of BIFHSGO and the editor of the BIFHSGO quarterly journal, Anglo-Celtic Roots.
Topics include:
  • Ships, Masters and Mates: Sounding the Depths of Merchant Marine Records
  • Travels with My Aunt: Adventures in Europe 1914
  • Interesting Finds in Unusual Places or Where to Find Meat for Your Family Bones