British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa
British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa

Home Children Research Guide

A list of books and other resources to help with your research.
Lost Children of the Empire. Phillip Bean and Joy Melville. Unwin Hyman, 1989.
New Lives for Old: the Story of Britain’s Child Migrants. Roger Kershaw and Janet Sacks. The National  Archives, 2008.
General – Australia
Empty Cradles. Margaret Humphreys. Doubleday, 1994.
Lost Innocents: Righting the Record. Report  on Child Immigration. Australia Senate Community Affairs Reference Committee. Senate Printing Unit, 2001.
General – Canada
Bibliography re Home Children. David Lorente (comp.) The Author, 2001.
The Golden Bridge: Young Immigrants to Canada 1833-1939. Marjorie Kohli. Natural Heritage Books, 2003.
Home Children. John Sayers. Anglo-Celtic Roots (Vol. 8, no. 2) pp. 29-32.
Home Children Canada – Update 2000. Whence and…Oh Heavens!… Whither. David Lorente. Anglo-Celtic Roots  (Vol. 7, no. 2) pp. 29-35.
Home Children: Digging Up Their Roots. David Lorente. Anglo Celtic Annals 1995, pp. 38-42.
Labouring Children: British Immigrant Apprentices to Canada 1869-1924. Joy Parr. University of Toronto Press, 1994.
The Little Immigrants: the Orphans Who Came to Canada. Kenneth Bagnell. Dundurn Press, 2001.
Researching Canada’s Home Children. John D. Reid. Heritage Productions in association with the British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa, 2005.
An Update on Home Children. Kay and David Lorente. Anglo-Celtic Annals 1996, pp. 22-25.
Update on Home Children. Kay and David Lorente assisted by John Sayers. Anglo-Celtic Annals 1997, pp. 44-48.
Dr. Thomas Barnardo and His Homes
Barnardo. Gillian Wagner. Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1979.
Nation Builders: Barnardo Children in Canada. Gail H. Corbett. Dundern Press, 2002.
John Middlemore and His Homes
A Great Middlemore Moment. Caroline Herbert, Patricia Roberts-Pichette and John Sayers. Anglo-Celtic Roots (vol. 9, No. 1) pp. 8-9.
The discovery, in Orleans, Ontario, of the descendants of Geoffrey Mealing, who with his brother and sister were brought to Canada in 1907 by Middlemore Homes.
Researching the Middlemore Home Children. Anne L. Rimmer. Anglo-Celtic Roots (vol. 10, no. 2) pp. 35-36.
John Throgmorton Middlemore and the Children’s Emigration Homes. Patricia Roberts-Pichette. Anglo-Celtic Roots (vol. 8, no. 3) pp. 57-62.
 The Middlemore Project. Patricia Roberts-Pichette
  • Part I. Birmingham at the End of the Nineteenth Century. Anglo-Celtic Roots (vol. 10, no. 4) pp. 103-110.
  • Part II. The Middlemore Family and its Origins. Anglo-Celtic Roots (vol. 11, no. 1) pp. 7-12.
  • Part III. John Throgmorton Middlemore (1844-1924). Anglo-Celtic Roots (vol. 11, no. 2) pp. 37-42.
  • Part IV. The Children’s Emigration Homes in England. Anglo-Celtic Roots (vol. 11, no. 3) pp. 70-76.
  • Part V. Voyage to Canada. Anglo-Celtic Roots (vol. 11, no. 4) pp. 119-123.
  • Part VI. Guthrie Home, London, Ontario. Anglo-Celtic Roots (vol. 12, no. 1) pp. 11-17.
  • Part VII. Guthrie Home, London, Ontario. Anglo-Celtic Roots (vol. 12, no. 2) pp. 34-42.
  • Part VIII. The Switch to the Maritimes. Anglo-Celtic Roots (vol. 12, no. 3) pp. 76-83.
  • Part IX. Middlemore Home, Fairview Station, Nova Scotia. Anglo-Celtic Roots (vol. 12, no. 4) pp. 106-114.
  • Part X. The War Years and Their Aftermath. Anglo-Celtic Roots (vol. 13, no. 1) pp. 5-13.
  • Part XI. The End of Middlemore Activity in the Maritimes. Anglo-Celtic Roots (vol. 13, no. 2) pp. 41-48.
Annie Macpherson
Marchmont: Distributing Home, Belleville, Ontario 1870-1925. James S. Gilchrist. Epic Press, 2003.
William Quarrier and His Homes
Quarrier’s Story: One Man’s Vision That Gave 7,000 Children a New Life in Canada. Anna Magnussen. Dundurn Press, 2006.
The Orphan Homes of Scotland: Consumption Sanatoria and Colony of Mercy for Epileptics, Glasgow and Bridge-of-Weir. [The Orphan Homes of Scotland, 1938]
Pictures of the homes operated by the Orphan Homes of Scotland.
Biographies of Home Children
The Home Children: Their Personal Stories. Phyllis Harrison, Watson and Dwyer, 1979.
Florence Field: Home Child. Dulcie I. McClure, Anglo-Celtic Roots (Vol. 12, no. 2) pp. 49-51.
Mary Janeway: the Legacy of a Home Child. Mary Pettit. Natural Heritage Books, 2000.
Celtic Odyssey. William R. Price as told to Eileen Sheila Hill. Dorrance, 1970.
Middlemore Memories: Tales of the British Home Children. Michael Anthony Staples. Unipress, 2003.
Lists of Home Children
Alphabetical List of Boy Emigrants to Canada 1886 to 1915.  Heritage Renfrew Home Children Committee, n.d.
A list of boys sent to the Gibb Home in Sherbrooke, Quebec.
A List of Roman Catholic Home Children (Child Immigrants) Whose Records are at the Father Hudson Archives, Coleshill, Birmingham, UK. , Patricia McEvoy and Joyce Carrol, compilers. Father Hudson Society, 1999.
This research aid was compiled from the collection in BIFHSGO’s former library. In 2016, we transferred our collection to the Ottawa Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society. More than 20 years of issues of our journal, Anglo-Celtic Roots, can be found on our website. Please respect copyright restrictions and cite your sources.