British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa
British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa

Ottawa Sharp Shooters Company List

In late March 1885, in reaction to the proclamation of a Provisional Government by Louis Riel, thousands of volunteer militia soldiers set off for North West Canada to suppress the rebellion. Fifty-three men served in the Ottawa Company of Sharpshooters. Learn more in the Sharp Shooters Field Diary.
The Roll of the Governor General's Foot Guards Company of Sharpshooters
Given Name(s)  Last Name Age in 1885 Married or Single
Captain A. Hamlyn Todd 33 Married
1st Lieutenant   Harry H. Gray 29 Single
2nd Lieutenant Walter Todd 28 Single
Colour Sergeant     Charles F. Winter 22 Single
Staff Sergeant  Frank Newby 34 Single
Staff Sergeant S. Maynard Rogers 23 Single
Sergeant  H. LeBreton Ross 22 Single
Sergeant    Plunkett B.  Taylor 21 Single
Corporal   James Dunnet 38 Married
Corporal  Ernest A. Nash 19 Single
Corporal Edward Taylor  20 Single
Lance Corporal Charles Tasker 22 Single
Lance Corporal Thomas Davi(e)s 21 Single
Lance Corporal  William H. Pardey 23  Single
Bugler     Alfred Cowan 18  Single
Bugler  William Modener 18 Single
Private  Daniel Anderson 21 Single
Private Basil H. Bell  19 Single
Private   Edmund J. Boucher 20 Single
Private  John Boville 21 Single
Private Lewis L. Brophy 22 Single
Private Henry P. Brumell 21 Single
Private      Henry H. Cameron   24 Single
Private   James Cassidy 24 Single
Private    Henry L. Chepmell 26 Single
Private Arthur   Chester 27 Single
Private  John Clark  19 Single
Private     F. H. Cunningham 20 Single
Private   Joseph Firth 23 Single (?)
Private  Thomas Fuller  20 Single
Private J. W. Hamilton 20 Single
Private    W. K.  Humfrey 18 Single
Private    Herbert Murray Jarvis 37  Married
Private    Charles Kingsley 19 Single
Private   Thomas Loonay 42 Single
Private Hugh McCarthy 20 Single
Private William McCracken 25 Single
Private Duncan McDonald 22 Single
Private John St. C. McQuilkin 21 Single
Private Donald Matheson 20 Single
 Private Henry H. May 24 Single
Private  John V. May 26 Single
Private John Mullin 22 Single
Private William Osgood(e) 22 Single
Private James W. Patterson 24 Married
Private William H. Patterson 32 Single
Private Arthur J. Phillips 22 Single
Private John Rogers 27 Single
Private Edward Ring 45 Married
Private George A. S.  Sparkes 21 Single
Private James D. Taylor 21 Single
Private Thomas C. Weston 19 Single
Private  Charles M. Wiggins 22 Single