British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa
British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa

BIFHSGO Members Awards

Best Anglo-Celtic Roots Article
If you are interested in reading one of these award-winning articles, check our Anglo-Celtic Roots archives.
2018              Lynne Willoughby Surviving Passchendaele—William James Watson Willoughby

2017             Christine Jackson - The Queen’s Coachman: Our Only Claim to Fame!

2016             Terry Findlay - The Cutler with a Social Conscience: Joseph Banks Durham, 1816–1899

2015             Christine Jackson - My Ancestors Were All Ag-Labs – Or Were They
2014             Barbara Tose - Travels With My Aunt: Adventures in Europe 1914

2013             Christine Jackson - The Cowley Family Saga

2012             Carolyn Emblem - Eleanor, Ellen and Frances

2011             Patricia McGregor - A Mother for Albert Edward Weir

2010             Heather Boucher Ashe - The Irish Registry of Deeds for Genealogists

2009             Carol Annett - The Luck of the Scots

2008             Carol Annett - Remembering Brockville’s Scottish Orphans

2007             Robert J. Brown - Baa-Baa Black Sheep: Thinking Outside the Fold

2006             Robert Watt - Watts and Related Families in Dunfermline, Fifeshire, 1750-1914

2005             Bonnie Ostler - John Rumble: Poor, Illegitimate, Orphaned Child, Forgotten Man

2004             Terry Findley - An Irish Fling: Delightful Discoveries! Part 1
2003             John Hay - Searching Scottish Family History from Canada

2002             James H. Lynn - The Scots-Irish

2001             John Reid - The National Burial Index for England and Wales
2000             Betty Warburton - Searching for Poor Ancestors

Best Talk by a Member Criteria

2018            Marianne Rasmus – Expanding that Empty Branch on the Genetic Family Tree
                    (Best Talk - Monthly Meeting)
                    Dena Palamedes How to Create a Family Tree, Heritage or Genealogy Photo Book using Picaboo
                    (Best Before BIFHSGO Talk)
                    Nigel Lloyd - A Dark Chapter in a Successful Life (Best Great Moments Talk)

2017            Susan Davis, Darrel Kennedy, Brian Laurie-Beaumont, and Marianne Rasmus, and
                   honourary mention to Glenn Wright - Salem, Where were you in 1692?
                   (Best Talk - Monthly Meeting)
                   Sheila Dohoo Faure - No. 1 Canadian Casualty Clearing Station
                   (Best Before BIFHSGO Talk)
                   John McConkey - The Skeleton in My Closet (Best Great Moments Talk)

2016            Christine Jackson - The Queen’s Coachman — Our Only Claim to Fame
                    (Best Talk - Monthly Meeting)
                    Glenn Wright - Canadians on Vimy Ridge, 1917: A Short Guide to Resources and Research
                    (Best Before BIFHSGO Talk)

2015            John Reid - You Be the Judge: Did DNA Prove the Skeleton under the Leicester Car Park
                    was Richard III?

2014            Patricia Roberts-Pichette - The Queen's Photographer, the Abyssinian Prince and My
                    Great-Grand-Uncle Charlie

2013            Barbara Tose - Travels With My Aunt: Adventures in Europe 1914

2012            Margaret Singleton - The Box in the Closet

2011            Myra Conway - The Tooley Street Fire-a 9/11 Moment for Victorian Londoners
2010            Naomi Ridout - Shearman Godfrey Bird and Amoui Chun Bird: from Colonial Canton to
                    Pioneer Ontario

2009             Alison Hare - The Time of Cholera

2008             Mary Anne Sharpe - In My Father's Footsteps on the Western Front

2007             Alison Hare - John Green: Whose Father Was He?

2006             Patricia Roberts-Pichette and Caroline Herbert - Home Children Stories - In Their Own
                     Words: Experiences of Middlemore Children in Canada

2005             Alison Hare - The Not-So-Impossible John Smith

2004             Terry Findley - An Irish Fling: Delightful Discoveries! Part 1

2003             Marguerite Evans - Ethics and Genealogy Can They Co-exist?

2002             Michael Balchin - One Family's History

2001             Mary Nash - Successful Hunting for Your Family in Newspapers