British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa
British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa

Submitting surnames

Posting names to the Surname Search database is a benefit of membership. The database allows researchers to interact with BIFHSGO members who share their ancestral surnames. Once you access the database, clicking on the icon opposite a name will provide you with additional information, such as alternative spellings of the surname. Clicking on the  icon will provide you with the opportunity to send an email to the member who is researching that ancestral name. The email will not show the email address of the recipient but allows you to give information or pose a query and receive a reply. Be aware that this email scheme is not monitored by BIFHSGO and we cannot guarantee that the member will respond.

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BIFHSGO members who wish to enter surnames into the database need to a) log in to the Members Only section and b) select the “Profile” section in the left hand menu. A screen will appear with one of the tabs entitled “Surnames”. Select this tab and click on the icon to add your ancestral names to the database. Note that members who do not renew their BIFHSGO membership will have their ancestral names automatically removed from the database. If you are not already a BIFHSGO member, join us and then submit your surnames for posting.

Please click here to access the database.