2012 Fall Conference Speakers

Speaker Bios and workshop descriptions:

Tony Bandy
Tony is a professional librarian with over 14 years of experience. He currently consults with libraries and other types of organizations through his company, Library Knowledge, helping them to achieve their organizational goals via training and leading-edge information technology. In addition, Tony is a published freelance author for Internet Genealogy, Family Chronicle, Trains Magazine and others. He also posts for blogs such as Teleread and his own Adventures in History.
Jane Buck
Jane received a B.Sc. in Biology and Environmental Science in 2002. Being a genealogist, she joined Family Tree DNA as a customer and was able to break through some brick walls in her genealogical research with the help of their services. In 2010, Ms. Buck joined the Family Tree DNA team and led the Customer Service department for several years, where she had the opportunity to speak to numerous genealogical groups and organizations about genetic genealogy. She has since pursued a career in environmental consulting, though she continues giving talks around the country on behalf of Family Tree DNA.
Lucille Campey
Ottawa-born Dr. Lucille H. Campey is a well-known emigration historian who began her career as a scientist after obtaining an Honours degree in Chemistry from the University of Ottawa. Following her marriage to Geoff Campey, she moved to England, and gained a Masters Degree in history at Leeds University and a PhD from Aberdeen University for a study of Scottish emigration to Canada. Lucille went on to write eight books on Scottish emigration and more recently has turned her attention to Canada’s English pioneers.
Susan Davis
Susan is BIFHSGO’s Director of Communications and a Public Service communications specialist by day. She uses social media to document the giant family tree poster that hung in her grandfather's home and to share the stories she finds with her family and long-lost relatives.
Chris Paton
Chris works as a genealogist and writer in Ayrshire, Scotland, running the Scotland’s Greatest Story research service (www.ScotlandsGreatestStory.co.uk). A BBC television producer until 2006, he holds a postgraduate diploma in Genealogical Studies, writes regular columns and articles for several British genealogy magazines, and teaches Scottish genealogy courses through Pharos Teaching and Tutoring Ltd (www.pharostutors.com). He is the author of Researching Scottish Family History, Tracing Your Family History on the Internet, Discover Scottish Church Records, Discover Scottish Land Records, and The Mount Stewart Murder. In addition, Chris writes the daily British GENES genealogy news and events blog (www.BritishGENES.blogspot.com), as well as giving regular family history talks both in the UK and internationally.
Shirley-Ann Pyefinch
Shirley-Ann has served since 2005 as the Director for the Ottawa Stake Family History Center of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She has lectured at meetings of various societies and at conferences. She teaches family history classes, preservation workshops, and is an Information Management Specialist for the Government of Canada.
Victor Suthren
Victor is a writer, seaman and historian with a specialization in North American colonial history of the 18th and early 19th Century. After working for the Canadian Parks Service, serving in Louisbourg and Halifax, he joined the staff of the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa, and from 1986 to 1997 served as its Director General. He has written 13 books, including a popular history of the War of 1812, and most recently The Island of Canada, a study of Canada’s relationship with the sea. An experienced “tall ship” sailor, he frequently acts as an historical advisor and on-screen presenter for film and television productions. In 1997 he was appointed an Honorary Captain in the Royal Canadian Navy, a rank and position he still holds, and he is presently designing historical pageantry for the Navy’s observance of the War of 1812 Bicentennial.
Patricia Whately
Patricia is the University Archivist at the University of Dundee, as well as its Director of the Centre for Information Studies and an Honorary Lecturer. She is a registered archivist, a history graduate and is completing a PhD on the development of medical services in the Scottish Highlands. Her other responsibilities include serving as the Vice-Chair of the Scottish Council on Archives, the Chair of the Council of the Economic and Social History Society of Scotland and a trustee of the Scottish Historical Review Trust. She is also the author, with C.A. McKean, of Lost Dundee (Birlinn) and regularly lectures on archival and family history topics.
Edward Zapletal
Edward Zapletal is the co-owner and Publisher of Moorshead Magazines Ltd., and Editor of Internet Genealogy, Family Chronicle and History Magazine. He has been in the publications business for almost 30 years, serving mostly in editorial and production capacities. His personal genealogy interests lie in researching his Czech ancestors who are from villages in the Province of Moravia.