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No. 1 Canadian Casualty Clearing Station
No. 1 Casualty Clearing Station
Soldiers and a nurse at No. 1 Canadian Casualty Clearing Station. George Metcalf Archival Collection, CWM 19920044-385. Courtesy of Canadian War Museum, Ottawa, Ontario.
Canada's casualty clearing stations, located within a few miles of the Front, were one of the most important links within the Canadian Army Medical Corps for the treatment of wounded soldiers during WW I. Learn more... 
This database contains transcriptions (readable by clicking on  beside each entry) of records the resident chaplains kept about the deaths of 879 soldiers at No. 1 Canadian Casualty Clearing Station (CCCS). The records have been transcribed exactly as written by the chaplains and contain various abbreviations. Many mistakes were made in the records but, when BIFHSGO volunteers have researched an individual soldier, his full correct name has been recorded in the Researched Full Name column of the database.
BIFHSGO volunteers have also prepared biographies for 69% of the soldiers, indicated by on the listing. Information from the No. 1 CCCS records was supplemented with other publicly available information. In some instances, volunteers have been able to connect with family members, who may have been able to provide more personal information and family pictures. Every attempt has been made to ensure that these biographies are accurate but, if an error has been made, we do apologize; please inform us so we can correct the biography.
Current BIFHSGO volunteers include:
Heather Carmody                                   Marcia Clement
Sheila Dohoo Faure (team leader)         Lynda Gibson
Jean Kitchen (editor)                              Nigel Lloyd
Lynne Willoughby
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Actions Name   Researched Full Name Date Unit Serial No.
Record Detail   Record Detail Acton, Joseph Joseph Acton 30 Sep 1918 1 K.O.R. Lancs 8373
Record Detail   Record Detail Adams, G. A. George Amos Adams 30 Oct 1918 38th Can. Bn. 552363
Record Detail   Record Detail Adams, Geoffrey Julian Balcombe Geoffrey James Balcombe Adams 27 Sep 1918 1/5 London
Record Detail   Record Detail Adamson, J. James Adamson 2 Sep 1917 ?/1 Berkshire Bty RHA 109267
Record Detail Adie, J. M. 3 Nov 1918 1st Can Motor M.G. Bd.
Record Detail Alberton, S. 20 Jun 1916 1st North Staffs 11691
Record Detail   Record Detail Allday, J. John Allday 23 Apr 1918 1st Hants 16359
Record Detail Allen, Henry Wireless Training Centre 152352
Record Detail Allenby, H.M.H. 29 Jul 1917 T. Ball'n. R.H.A.
Record Detail   Record Detail Amos, J. James Amos 6 Oct 1918 15th Can. Inf. 79972
Record Detail   Record Detail Anderson, R. Robert Anderson 22 Mar 1918 85th Cadn Battn. 736364
Record Detail Anderson, S. 10 Jul 1917 3 B.W.I. 8056
Record Detail   Record Detail Andrew, R. Robert Ross Andrew 24 Apr 1918 1st Gordans 291374
Record Detail   Record Detail Anile, P Pasquale (Patsy) Anile 18 Jan 1919 18th Can. Bn, C.E. 3130045
Record Detail Anker, Ernest 6 May 1918 1/5 S. Lancashires 31818
Record Detail   Record Detail Anthony, Sidney Arthur Sidney Arthur Charles Anthony 17 Aug 1917 North Royal Fusiliers 46404
Record Detail   Record Detail Apps, T. W. Thomas William Apps 8 Apr 1916 8th R. W. Kents 5453
Record Detail   Record Detail Archer, Thomas Albert Thomas Albert Archer 26 Apr 1916 3rd R. Bdr 8887
Record Detail   Record Detail Armitage, H. G. Harold George Armitage 1 Oct 1918 28th Can Bn. 925631
Record Detail Armstrong, W. 6 Apr 1916 7th Border Regt. 14577
Record Detail Arnold, E. 21 Jul 1916 60 Aus: Btn 1746
Record Detail Arthrell, W. J. 26 Mar 1916 25th Canadians 68287
Record Detail   Record Detail Ashley, T. Timothy Ashley 23 May 1918 “K” Spec Coy R.E.s 147142
Record Detail Askey, C. 17 Jun 1918 7th K.S.L.I. 11401
Record Detail Atherall, P. 18 Jun 1916 9th Royal Sussex 2129
Record Detail   Record Detail Atkinson, G. George Reid Atkinson 16 Jun 1918 1/8 Notts & Derby 93567
Record Detail Atkinson, R. C. 1 Nov 1918 47th Can. Bn. 651760
Record Detail   Record Detail Atwood, W. William Henry Attwood 6 Jun 1918 8th West Kents 202574
Record Detail   Record Detail Aynsley, W. G. William George Locke Aynsley 7 Jun 1918 1/1 Lancs, H. Bty. R.G.A. 134076
Record Detail   Record Detail Bailey, R. G. Rowland George Bailey 30 Apr 1916 8th Buffs 2051
Record Detail Bain, J. 1 Apr 1916 7th Seaforths 7673
Record Detail   Record Detail Ball, R. T. Richard Thurston Ball 29 Nov 1918 72 Cnd Bn 1031011
Record Detail Banks, J.E. 22 Jun 1918 1/4 K.O.R.L. 200458
Record Detail   Record Detail Barber, A. Alfred Barber 14 Aug 1917 1/5 Yks & Lancs 33217
Record Detail   Record Detail Barber, G. Gilbert Barber 9 Sep 1918 1st Div. Sig. CoRE. 94493
Record Detail   Record Detail Barker, Alex Alexander Watson Barker 30 Aug 1917 5/6 Royal Scots 43335
Record Detail Barker, E. 56 Aus: Btn 3041
Record Detail   Record Detail Barker, J. John Barker 10 Mar 1918 30th Labour Co. 18009
Record Detail   Record Detail Barnes, A. Alan Barnes 26 Sep 1918 205 Squadron R.A.F.
Record Detail Barrett, F. E. 9674
Record Detail Barter, S. 12 Oct 1918 513840
Record Detail   Record Detail Barton, A. Albert Barton Yks & Lancs 201476
Record Detail   Record Detail Bartram, J. Thomas Bartram 7 May 1918 12 K. Liverpool 94483
Record Detail   Record Detail Beagles, G. H. John Charles Christopher Beagles 1/4 West Riding 77222
Record Detail   Record Detail Beardsley, R. Reginald Beardsley 21 May 1916 72nd M. G. Co. 6535
Record Detail   Record Detail Beckett, M. Middleton Beckett 28 May 1916 1st New Zealand Rifle Brigade 24/971
Record Detail   Record Detail Beeching, W. William John Beeching 18 Nov 1918 11th Bn C.R.T 769842
Record Detail   Record Detail Begg, P. Peter McDonald Begg 24 Aug 1917 5/6 R.S. 41645
Record Detail   Record Detail Belch, T. Thomas Blackwood Bold Belch 7 May 1918 29 Bty, 42 Bde, R.F.A. 55658
Record Detail Bellinger, H. B. 20 Jul 1916 43 Aus: Btn 442
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