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No. 1 Canadian Casualty Clearing Station
No. 1 Casualty Clearing Station
Soldiers and a nurse at No. 1 Canadian Casualty Clearing Station. George Metcalf Archival Collection, CWM 19920044-385. Courtesy of Canadian War Museum, Ottawa, Ontario.
Canada's casualty clearing stations, located within a few miles of the Front, were one of the most important links within the Canadian Army Medical Corps for the treatment of wounded soldiers during WW I. Learn more... 
This database contains transcriptions (readable by clicking on  beside each entry) of records the resident chaplains kept about the deaths of 879 soldiers at No. 1 Canadian Casualty Clearing Station (CCCS). The records have been transcribed exactly as written by the chaplains and contain various abbreviations. Many mistakes were made in the records but, when BIFHSGO volunteers have researched an individual soldier, his full correct name has been recorded in the Researched Full Name column of the database.
BIFHSGO volunteers have also prepared biographies for more than 400 of the soldiers, indicated by on the listing. Information from the No. 1 CCCS records was supplemented with other publicly available information. In some instances, volunteers have been able to connect with family members, who may have been able to provide more personal information and family pictures. Every attempt has been made to ensure that these biographies are accurate but, if an error has been made, we do apologize; please inform us so we can correct the biography.
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Actions Name   Researched Full Name Date Unit Serial No.
Record Detail   Record Detail Key, E. C. L. Edward Charles Lloyd Key 28 Sep 1918 15 C.B. 48th H of C. 204394
Record Detail   Record Detail Kidd, S. Sydney Kidd 20 Jul 1918 46 Bn. M.G.C. 88550
Record Detail   Record Detail Kinch, J. Irvin Tennyson Randolph Kinch 2 Mar 1918 116th Cadn. Battn 644479
Record Detail   Record Detail Kindree E. H. Ernest Talmage Kindree 16 Jan 1919 Can C.S.S. 142250
Record Detail   Record Detail King, W. J. William John King 27 Sep 1918 13th R.H.C. 1 Div 3080272
Record Detail   Record Detail Kingshott, P. D. Percy Daniel Kingshott 20 May 1918 “K” Spec Co’y R.E. 1st Corps T 128296
Record Detail   Record Detail Kinrade, J. L. James Lockhart Kinrade 23 Sep 1918 11th Div. Sig. R.E. 62293
Record Detail   Record Detail Kitching, A. W. Arthur William Kitching 20 May 1918 7th K.S.L.I. 27636
Record Detail Klinge 30 Sep 1918 4 Co’y Res Inf. 209 284
Record Detail   Record Detail Knight, H. R. Harry Reuben William Knight 20 May 1918 13th Middlesex Regt 13441
Record Detail   Record Detail Koctic, Buatutin Buatutin Koctic 20 Jan 1919 4th Co., 2nd Bn, 20 Serb.Regt 1772
Record Detail   Record Detail Kresvanovitch, Dmetria Dmetria Kresvanovitch 26 Jan 1919 3rd Co., 2nd Bn, 6th Regt, Ser 1411
Record Detail Kyles, L. B. 2 Oct 1918 8th Canadian 1st Can. Div.
Record Detail   Record Detail Lacroix, Jean Jean Lacroix 29 Nov 1918 31st Chasseurs (Class 1906) Peregeux 442
Record Detail   Record Detail Laird, K. Kenneth Laird 2 Jul 1916 22nd Batt Aus 2036
Record Detail Lakin, F. 3 Nov 1918 72nd Cdn Bn 1031210
Record Detail Lakin, R. 3 Aug 1917 1/5 K.O.Y.L.I. 203098
Record Detail   Record Detail Lamb Matthew Lamb 18 Nov 1918 5th Squadron R.A.F. 57749
Record Detail   Record Detail Lancaster, W.C. William Cyril Lancaster 24 Jul 1917 K.O.Y.L.I. 38194 [202930]
Record Detail   Record Detail Langley, R. Robert Langley 18 May 1918 1st Bn Rfle Bde 1527
Record Detail   Record Detail Langridge, G. George Albert Langridge 29 May 1918 130/40 B’de R.F.A. 75985
Record Detail Lavin, C. N. Fusiliers 374
Record Detail Lavoie, E. 13 Mar 1916 22nd Canadians 61848
Record Detail Lawrie, Wm 13 Mar 1916 7th Seaforths 1722
Record Detail   Record Detail Laycock, H. Herman Laycock 19 Sep 1918 293 Bde A.R.A. 785863
Record Detail   Record Detail Lea, E. Elias Lea 18 Apr 1918 13th Kings Liverpool 200387
Record Detail   Record Detail Leach, H. E. Herbert Edward Leach 30 May 1918 9th Lt R’ly O.P. C’oy R.E. 347567
Record Detail Leach, R. J. 11 Nov 1918 47th Can. Bn. 3133054
Record Detail   Record Detail Leach, W. William Leach 27 May 1918 71st Lab Coy 380465
Record Detail Leah, W. 5 Aug 1917 2/5 Manchester Rgt. 200814
Record Detail Learmouth, S. R. 17 Jul 1916 Can Eng 500419
Record Detail Leese, R. 19 Jun 1916 1st North Staffs 9945
Record Detail Leggat, R. 30 Mar 1916 9th Scot Rifles 8442
Record Detail   Record Detail Lenthall, R. Rowland Lenthall 29 Jun 1916 8th Aus: Bn 1831
Record Detail   Record Detail Lenton, H. Horace Lenton 7 May 1918 1/4 Leicester, 46 Division 201611
Record Detail   Record Detail Lenton, S. Amos Sydney Lenton 29 Apr 1916 7th N. Hants 16181
Record Detail Lewis, F. 18 Jun 1916 R.G.A. H/24 T.M.B. 60730
Record Detail   Record Detail Lewis, J. John Lewis 13 May 1916 Rifle Bde 2200
Record Detail   Record Detail Lewis, R. Richard Lewis 9 May 1918 15 Siege Bty R.G.A. 181388
Record Detail   Record Detail Lewis, S. C. Stephen Charles Lewis 7 Jul 1916 13 Middlesex 8563
Record Detail Lewis, W. S. D. L. I. 2262
Record Detail Light, W. 2 Oct 1918 2nd C.M.R. 514144
Record Detail   Record Detail Lisby, S. W. Stanley William Lisby 8 Sep 1918 139 Siege Batty R.G.A. 152748
Record Detail   Record Detail Llewellen, J. James Harrison Llewellen 29 Jan 1919 31st Cdn Bn 402344
Record Detail   Record Detail Loan, G. George Loan 15 Sep 1918 1st C.M.R. 3rd Can. Div. 718493
Record Detail   Record Detail Lockwood, G. George Lockwood 7 May 1918 23 Labour Co. 13476
Record Detail   Record Detail Lodge, A. Alfred Herbert Lodge 7 Jul 1918 8th K.O.R.L. 41126
Record Detail Lombard, H. 29 Oct 1918 4th Cdn M.G.Bn 1031069
Record Detail   Record Detail Longhurst, A Albert Longhurst 3 Mar 1916 10th Canadians 435098
Record Detail   Record Detail Longstaff, H. Hutton Longstaff 15 Aug 1917 16th Northd Fus 1297
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