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No. 1 Canadian Casualty Clearing Station
No. 1 Casualty Clearing Station
Soldiers and a nurse at No. 1 Canadian Casualty Clearing Station. George Metcalf Archival Collection, CWM 19920044-385. Courtesy of Canadian War Museum, Ottawa, Ontario.
Canada's casualty clearing stations, located within a few miles of the Front, were one of the most important links within the Canadian Army Medical Corps for the treatment of wounded soldiers during WW I. Learn more... 
This database contains transcriptions (readable by clicking on  beside each entry) of records the resident chaplains kept about the deaths of 879 soldiers at No. 1 Canadian Casualty Clearing Station (CCCS). The records have been transcribed exactly as written by the chaplains and contain various abbreviations. Many mistakes were made in the records but, when BIFHSGO volunteers have researched an individual soldier, his full correct name has been recorded in the Researched Full Name column of the database.
BIFHSGO volunteers have also prepared biographies for more than 400 of the soldiers, indicated by on the listing. Information from the No. 1 CCCS records was supplemented with other publicly available information. In some instances, volunteers have been able to connect with family members, who may have been able to provide more personal information and family pictures. Every attempt has been made to ensure that these biographies are accurate but, if an error has been made, we do apologize; please inform us so we can correct the biography.
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Actions Name   Researched Full Name Date Unit Serial No.
Record Detail Longworth, G. H. 18 Jun 1916 4th East Yorks 1627
Record Detail Loper, E. C. 17 Jul 1916 3 N Z R B 23/489
Record Detail Lover, A. 16 Jun 1918 1/8th Notts & Derby 306856
Record Detail   Record Detail Lovitt, D. Douglas Lovitt 1 Jun 1918 8th K.O.R.L. 41121
Record Detail   Record Detail Lowe, W. William Lowe 3 Jul 1918 1/7 K. Liverpool 267270
Record Detail Luckett, R. 17 Jun 1916 8th Queens 9/17343
Record Detail   Record Detail Ludlow, A. W. Alfred William Ludlow 30 Apr 1916 7th N. Hants 18734
Record Detail   Record Detail Lumb, W William Lumb 13 Jul 1917 16th NF 40563
Record Detail Luscombe, S. 17 Jun 1916 9th Royal Sussex 5372
Record Detail   Record Detail Mack, F John Frederick Mack 19 Mar 1916 5th Camerons 10647
Record Detail   Record Detail MacKay, D Donald Eric Caithness MacKay 9 Jun 1916 1st New Zealand Rifle Brgd 23/1310
Record Detail   Record Detail Mackenzie, A. Archibald Mackenzie 3 Jun 1918 1st N. Fusiliers
Record Detail MacLurkin 9 Nov 1918 4th C.M.R.s 835879
Record Detail Maddock, R. 7 Feb 1919 34th Bn, M.G.C 83533
Record Detail   Record Detail Maddocks, W. R. William Richard Maddocks 2 Jul 1916 25 Batt Aus 1965
Record Detail Mahoney, J. 7 Apr 1916 2nd Lenisters 492
Record Detail Mahoney, N. 23 Jun 1918 2/5 Lanc. Fus. 2nd Lieut
Record Detail   Record Detail Malpass, W. A. Wilfred Arthur Malpass 13 Feb 1918 7th Battn Cadns 645760
Record Detail   Record Detail Mansell, A. Arthur Edward Mansell 21 May 1918 1/4 L. N. Lancs 35327
Record Detail   Record Detail Manship, C. C. Clark Clinton Manship 28 Sep 1918 26th Can. Bn Inf. 325117
Record Detail Maracle, P. W. 3 Oct 1918 52 Can Inf. 784956
Record Detail   Record Detail Marsden, Lester Lister Marsden 19 Jul 1917
Record Detail   Record Detail Marshall, A. A. Abraham Alexander Marshall 13 Jul 1916 4 Bn N.Z. 26/592
Record Detail Martin, A 17 Jun 1916 1st N. Staffs 8763
Record Detail Martin, H 31 Jul 1917 2/7 Manchester 277279
Record Detail Martin, P. C. R.W.K. 10966
Record Detail   Record Detail Martin, W. E. Walter Ernest Martin 1 Jun 1918 7th Northampton’s 14931
Record Detail   Record Detail Mather, C. W. Clifford Wharfedale Mather 30 Jun 1916 3rd N. Z. R. B. 25/12
Record Detail Mather, J. 16 Jun 1918 1/6th K.L.R. 86565
Record Detail Mathews, H. 20 Jun 1916 4th East Yorks 4477
Record Detail   Record Detail Matisch, Dimitri Dimitri Matisch 29 Jan 1919 5th Regt. 2nd Bn, 1st Co. 840
Record Detail Matthews, J. C. 2 Nov 1918 50th Can. Bn. 928681
Record Detail   Record Detail Mattison, C. Charles Mattison 18 Nov 1918 56 Div. M.T. Coy 48 Bde 102217
Record Detail   Record Detail Mawby, P. W. S. Percival (Percy) Watson Searson Mawby 24 May 1918 1st Gordons S/19556
Record Detail   Record Detail Maxfield, W. William Maxfield 25 Apr 1918 40 Bde. 6 Batty R.F.A. 38012
Record Detail   Record Detail May, J. B. Samuel Beresford May 15 Aug 1917 257 Tunnelling Company 158525
Record Detail   Record Detail McArthur, M. Matthew McArthur 25 Jun 1916 2nd Auckland Batt N.Z. 12/3397
Record Detail   Record Detail McAuley, John McAuley 50th Can. Bn. 808528
Record Detail   Record Detail McCarty, M. Michael McCarthy 25 Jun 1916 3 Leinsters 2226
Record Detail McDermott, J. M. 18 Jan 1919 3rd Cnd Battn 3033066
Record Detail   Record Detail McDonald, G. George McDonald 12 Mar 1918 13th Cadn. Battn 24978
Record Detail   Record Detail McDonald, P. Peter McDonald 7 Apr 1916 8th Royal West Kents 5331
Record Detail McFarlane, R. 1 Oct 1918 102nd Can Inf. Bn. 252710
Record Detail McGee, E. 9 Aug 1917 16 North'd Fus. 37064
Record Detail   Record Detail McHardy, T. E. Thomas Ewart McHardy 6 Jan 1919 3rd Can Bn 238566
Record Detail   Record Detail McInnes, J. John McInnes 24 Jun 1917 15th H. L. I. 16851
Record Detail McInnes, P. N. L. 20 Jul 1916 5 Yorks
Record Detail   Record Detail McIntyre, F. A. Frederick Aldrich McIntyre 1 Feb 1919 R.A.S.C. att. 280th Sig By RGA 318784
Record Detail   Record Detail McIntyre, W. William McIntyre 11 May 1916 10th H. L. I. 18289
Record Detail McKenzie, C. 10 Jul 1917 3rd B.W.I. 3365
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