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No. 1 Canadian Casualty Clearing Station
No. 1 Casualty Clearing Station
Soldiers and a nurse at No. 1 Canadian Casualty Clearing Station. George Metcalf Archival Collection, CWM 19920044-385. Courtesy of Canadian War Museum, Ottawa, Ontario.
Canada's casualty clearing stations, located within a few miles of the Front, were one of the most important links within the Canadian Army Medical Corps for the treatment of wounded soldiers during WW I. Learn more... 
This database contains transcriptions (readable by clicking on  beside each entry) of records the resident chaplains kept about the deaths of 879 soldiers at No. 1 Canadian Casualty Clearing Station (CCCS). The records have been transcribed exactly as written by the chaplains and contain various abbreviations. Many mistakes were made in the records but, when BIFHSGO volunteers have researched an individual soldier, his full correct name has been recorded in the Researched Full Name column of the database.
BIFHSGO volunteers have also prepared biographies for 69% of the soldiers, indicated by on the listing. Information from the No. 1 CCCS records was supplemented with other publicly available information. In some instances, volunteers have been able to connect with family members, who may have been able to provide more personal information and family pictures. Every attempt has been made to ensure that these biographies are accurate but, if an error has been made, we do apologize; please inform us so we can correct the biography.
Current BIFHSGO volunteers include:
Heather Carmody                                   Marcia Clement
Sheila Dohoo Faure (team leader)         Lynda Gibson
Jean Kitchen (editor)                              Nigel Lloyd
Lynne Willoughby
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Actions Name   Researched Full Name Date Unit Serial No.
Record Detail Chadwick, C. T. 11 Jun 1918 3rd M.G.C. 84594
Record Detail   Record Detail Chalk, P. Percy Chalk 26 Jul 1917 1/4 K.O.Y.L.I. 200326
Record Detail   Record Detail Chamberlain, H. Henry George Chamberlain 20 Apr 1918 2 Suffolks 20665
Record Detail   Record Detail Chambers, G. George Willie Chambers 15 Aug 1917 RE 257 T Coy 158564
Record Detail   Record Detail Chaplin, G. George Chaplin 1 Oct 1918 45th Can. Bn. 3031349
Record Detail   Record Detail Chapman, R. N. Richard Henry Chapman 27 Sep 1918 1st Can M.G.Bn 174744
Record Detail   Record Detail Chapman, T. Thomas Albert Chapman 29 May 1918 4th Roy Fusiliers 11818
Record Detail   Record Detail Charlesworth, A. Albert Charlesworth 1 May 1918 1/5 K.L.R. 99291
Record Detail   Record Detail Charlesworth, H. Harry Charlesworth 7 Sep 1918 87 SGE BTY R.G.A. 151447
Record Detail   Record Detail Charman, A. J. Alfred Joseph Charman 21 Sep 1918 A.S.C., 2nd Co. 8th Div. Train 11909
Record Detail Chatterton, H. M. N. 18 Jun 1916 8th Queens
Record Detail   Record Detail Chilmaid, T. H. Thomas Henry Chillmaid 12 May 1918 164 Siege B'ty R.G.A. 175608
Record Detail Chivers, C. 17 Jun 1918 1st Hants Rgt. 30034
Record Detail   Record Detail Christian, W. William Christian 19 Feb 1918 7th Candn. Infy. Batt. 180194
Record Detail   Record Detail Chuck, C. F. Charles Forbes Chuck 26 Mar 1918 72nd Battn Candns 2030288
Record Detail Clark, J. R. 29 Apr 1918 55 Div. Sigs., R.E. 400730
Record Detail Clark, S. 28 May 1918 1 B. Watch 350504
Record Detail   Record Detail Clarke, D. T. W. David James Wellington Clarke 5 Sep 1917 2 K.O.Y.L.I 44507
Record Detail   Record Detail Clarke, J. John Lancaster Clark 21 May 1918 9th W. Yorks 235874
Record Detail   Record Detail Clarkson, G. Gilbert Clarkson 18 May 1918 2/10 K.L.R. 358108
Record Detail   Record Detail Clayburn, T. A. Thomas Arnold Clayburn 18 Jun 1918 R.E. 9th Field Coy 4th Div 477045
Record Detail   Record Detail Clewlow, B. Samuel Bertrem (Bert) Clewlow 30 Apr 1916 1st N. Staffords 8390
Record Detail Cliffe, J. 18 Jun 1916 1st N. Staffs 6398
Record Detail Clipperton, C. 20 Jun 1916 8th Durhams 2965
Record Detail Close, H. C. 18 Jun 1916 23rd Aus: Bn 319
Record Detail Coates, W. 17 Jun 1916 1st N. Staffs 10661
Record Detail   Record Detail Cobb, B. Bertrand Stanley Cobb 11 May 1918 8 K.O.R.L. 28539
Record Detail   Record Detail Cocke, R. Richard Henry Cocke 1 Jul 1918 9th Field Coy. R.E. 4 Div. 134171
Record Detail   Record Detail Coleman, C. Claude Cecil Coleman 4 Jul 1916 3rd Batt N.Z.R.B. 25/857
Record Detail   Record Detail Colesell, J. John Colesell 28 Nov 1918 2/7 Manch Regt 53497
Record Detail   Record Detail Colgrave, F. L. Francis Leslie Colgrave 28 Sep 1918 1/2 London Reg. 234146
Record Detail   Record Detail Colles, C. Cyril Collis 17 Sep 1918 R.E. 81 Bde R.G.A. 495377
Record Detail   Record Detail Colverd, W. William James Colverd 16 Aug 1917 D/92 R.F.A. 20599
Record Detail   Record Detail Conley, A. E. Arthur Edward Conley 16 Feb 1918 5th Battn, Cadns, 925809
Record Detail Conn, R. 14 Oct 1918 1st Worcesters CE 29725
Record Detail   Record Detail Connerton, M. Matthew Connerton 19 Apr 1916 2nd Leinsters 4370
Record Detail Constable. R. G. 18 Jun 1916 9th Royal Sussex 2980
Record Detail   Record Detail Cooke, W.H. W H Cooke 10 Jul 1917 3 B.W.I. 3463
Record Detail   Record Detail Coombes, A. Albert Henry Coombs 11 May 1916 K. O. R. Lancs, 3rd Bdr 9777
Record Detail   Record Detail Cooper, T. Thomas Albert Cooper 29 May 1918 4 Roy. Fusilier 68597
Record Detail   Record Detail Copeland, A.V. Albert Victor Copeland 19 Feb 1918 34th M.G.Co 11th Div 71252
Record Detail   Record Detail Corless, Thos. Thomas Corless 13 May 1916 13th Kings Liverpool 30638
Record Detail   Record Detail Cornwell, A. Albert Edward Cornwell 2 Oct 1918 C. Spec Coy R.E. 159868
Record Detail Cornwith, G. C. 5 Nov 1918 Can Artillery
Record Detail   Record Detail Cotton, C. S. Charles Lancelot Cotton 15 Mar 1918 7th Cadn. Siege Baty, C.G.A. 343947
Record Detail Coulson, T. H. 17 Jun 1916 4th East Yorks 3627
Record Detail   Record Detail Coulson, W. William Coulson 28 Jul 1917 1/4 K.O.Y.L.I. 203386
Record Detail Counter, R. 2 Feb 1919 1/5 Arg & Suth High 556634
Record Detail Court, F. J. 16 Oct 1918 1/4 London? Rgt S/20074
Record Detail   Record Detail Couzens, C Charles Couzens 11 May 1918 164 Siege B'ty. R.G.A. 165027
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