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No. 1 Canadian Casualty Clearing Station
No. 1 Casualty Clearing Station
Soldiers and a nurse at No. 1 Canadian Casualty Clearing Station. George Metcalf Archival Collection, CWM 19920044-385. Courtesy of Canadian War Museum, Ottawa, Ontario.
Canada's casualty clearing stations, located within a few miles of the Front, were one of the most important links within the Canadian Army Medical Corps for the treatment of wounded soldiers during WW I. Learn more... 
This database contains transcriptions (readable by clicking on  beside each entry) of records the resident chaplains kept about the deaths of 879 soldiers at No. 1 Canadian Casualty Clearing Station (CCCS). The records have been transcribed exactly as written by the chaplains and contain various abbreviations. Many mistakes were made in the records but, when BIFHSGO volunteers have researched an individual soldier, his full correct name has been recorded in the Researched Full Name column of the database.
BIFHSGO volunteers have also prepared biographies for 69% of the soldiers, indicated by on the listing. Information from the No. 1 CCCS records was supplemented with other publicly available information. In some instances, volunteers have been able to connect with family members, who may have been able to provide more personal information and family pictures. Every attempt has been made to ensure that these biographies are accurate but, if an error has been made, we do apologize; please inform us so we can correct the biography.
Current BIFHSGO volunteers include:
Heather Carmody                                   Marcia Clement
Sheila Dohoo Faure (team leader)         Lynda Gibson
Jean Kitchen (editor)                              Nigel Lloyd
Lynne Willoughby
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Actions Name   Researched Full Name Date Unit Serial No.
Record Detail   Record Detail Cowan, J. J. John James Cowan 17 Jul 1916 Auck Inf 12/330
Record Detail   Record Detail Cowley, E. E. Ernest Edwin Cowley 4 May 1918 4th R. Fusiliers 81303
Record Detail   Record Detail Cox, T. H. Thomas Harvey Cox 27 May 1918 20th K.R.R.C. 9595
Record Detail   Record Detail Craigie, B. Brydon Cragie 10 Jul 1918 1 North. Fus 18/135
Record Detail Crandon, William
Record Detail   Record Detail Crawford, G. George Crawford 12 Sep 1918 28th Bn 2nd Can. Div. 267804
Record Detail   Record Detail Creed, W. William Creed 19 Apr 1918 1st Glosters 13069
Record Detail   Record Detail Crichton, Geo. George Crichton 20 May 1918 1st Gordons 21422
Record Detail   Record Detail Critchley, G. D. George Charles Critchley 31 May 1918 1st Hants Regt 28676
Record Detail   Record Detail Cronin, P. Patrick Cronin 17 May 1916 7th North Hants 18447
Record Detail   Record Detail Crooke, W.C.S. William Charles Samuel Crooke 23 May 1918 B/306 B’de R.F.A. 83143
Record Detail   Record Detail Crowe, J. W. John William Crowe 2 Oct 1918 102nd Can Bn. 531429
Record Detail Cunningham, G. 6 Nov 1918 72nd Can. Bn. 2022446
Record Detail Currie, D. E. 28 Oct 1918 2nd Heavy By C.G.A. 811240
Record Detail   Record Detail Curson, F. Fred Curson 19 Mar 1918 16th Cadn. Infy. 150347
Record Detail   Record Detail Curtis, J. John Curtis 6 May 1918 111 Ry Troops R.E. 55308
Record Detail Daly, W. W. 58th Aus Btn 4474
Record Detail Dane, A. 7 North Fus 2557
Record Detail   Record Detail Daniel, W. Walter Daniel 23 Feb 1918 42nd Batt Can Infy 841200
Record Detail Daniels, G 28 Jul 1917 1/4 K.O.Y.L.I. 201254
Record Detail   Record Detail Davies, Rhys Rhys Davies 23 Jul 1918 1st S.W.B. 33009
Record Detail   Record Detail Davies, W. A. William Arthur Davies 16 Nov 1918 1st Cdn Div M.T. Coy 4639
Record Detail   Record Detail Davis, E. Elvin Harry Davis 30 Apr 1916 8th Queens R.W. Surreys 2709
Record Detail Davis, O. 9 Aug 1917 133 Siege Btry R.G.A. 7704
Record Detail   Record Detail Dean, A. Arthur Dean 2 May 1918 7th K.S.L.I 23846
Record Detail   Record Detail Demery, W. William Victor Demery 23 Jan 1919 2nd Div Pontoon B.T. Unit C.E. 657921
Record Detail   Record Detail Dempster, C. Charles Grinling Dempster 5 Oct 1918 159th Labor Comy 94944
Record Detail Desmond, Frank 2 Apr 1916 9th E. Surreys 8192
Record Detail   Record Detail Deuxberry, C. M. Cyril Moore Deuxberry 18 Mar 1916 21st Canadians 141416
Record Detail   Record Detail Devlin, H. Henry Devlin 21 Aug 1917 143 Bttry R.G.A. 16683
Record Detail Dibble, J. 20 Jun 1918 23rd Cheshires 65399
Record Detail   Record Detail Dickinson, H. Harold Dickinson 22 Mar 1918 7th Cadn Batty 602497
Record Detail   Record Detail Dioscoride, Henri Henri Augustin Dioscoride 28 Nov 1918 3 Chasseurs (Class 1917) Le Harris 2978
Record Detail Doney?, A. 20 Jul 1916 60th Aus Batt 3084
Record Detail   Record Detail Douglas, F. Frank Douglas or Septimus Armstrong 25 Jun 1916 Aus: Field Art: 47/12 Bde 147
Record Detail   Record Detail Downs, R. Charles Downs 3 Jul 1918 15th Siege B’ty, R.G.A. 50734
Record Detail   Record Detail Doyle, R. Robert Doyle 11 Apr 1916 3rd Durham Light Infantry 4962
Record Detail   Record Detail Drury, J. Tom Drury 6 Jul 1918 240 Area Employ. Co’y 474167
Record Detail   Record Detail Duffey, J. B. John Bowden Duffey 1 Oct 1918 1st Can M.G. Corps, 174255
Record Detail   Record Detail Duncan, John John Duncan 17 Jul 1918 15th Gordons 42287
Record Detail Dunn, H. G. 22 Jun 1918 1/6 S. Staffs 42510
Record Detail   Record Detail Dunnicliffe, G. George William Dunnicliff 15 Jun 1916 1st N Staffs 9918
Record Detail   Record Detail Dupont, Joseph Joseph Dupont 3 Dec 1918 131st French Inf. R. 1996
Record Detail   Record Detail Durrant, F. B. Frank Barber Durrant 30 Jun 1918 7th Northants 41165
Record Detail   Record Detail Duxbury, W. J. William James Duxbury 1 Jun 1918 9 Roy. Sussex 19280
Record Detail   Record Detail Eadie, S. Shaver Eadie 3 Mar 1916 8th Canadians
Record Detail   Record Detail Eastwood, D. J. David Joseph Eastwood 4 May 1918 4th C.M.R. 438842
Record Detail   Record Detail Edgehill, H. Henry Charles Edghill 13 Jul 1916 2nd Leinsters 1011
Record Detail   Record Detail Edwards, A. Arthur Edwards 2 May 1918 B Batty 275 Bde R.F.A. 677030
Record Detail   Record Detail Edwards, R. R. Robert Roy Edwards 12 Jun 1918 3 Cadn M.T. Coy, Attached 8 Ca 512078
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