British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa
British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa
The Brian O'Regan Memorial Library
In 2016, BIFHSGO transferred the ownership and management of its library holdings to the Ottawa Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society (OGS) after the retirement of our long-serving librarian.
Both collections were, and are, housed in the Reference Room of the City of Ottawa Archives at 100 Tallwood Drive.  The City of Ottawa Archives is a partner to both BIFHSGO and the Ottawa Branch of the OGS. 
Volunteers are working to integrate the BIFHSGO collection with that of the Ottawa Branch of the OGS. 
The two collections are complementary, with the BIFHSGO collection primarily oriented towards materials related to the British Isles, while the Ottawa Branch collection is primarily oriented to Canadian and Ontario genealogy materials, particularly Eastern Ontario and, to some extent, Western Quebec.  The BIFHSGO collection also had significant holdings related to Canada, while the Ottawa Branch collection included a number of materials useful to those researching their ancestry in the British Isles. 
The merger of the two collections has resulted in a stronger library, representative of the membership interests of both societies, with a combined collection of over 7,800 items. 
BIFHSGO continues to provide resources for the library in the form of volunteers and financial support for the acquisition of books and other resources.  These resources include journals provided through membership arrangements or exchanges with other family history societies. BIFHSGO also maintains a subscription to the British Newspaper Archives. This significant resource for those working on family history in the British Isles is accessible in the Reference Room of the City of Ottawa Archives.
The Ottawa Branch catalogue
The Ottawa Branch catalogue includes the current holdings of the combined, integrated collections. 
During a transition period, materials from the BIFHSGO collection are denoted by a suffix –BI.  As the catalogue verification work is completed, the collections are being progressively shelved together.
As of December 2018, the collections from 001 to 929.2 of the Dewey system have been shelved together.  Another tranche will be done in 2019. 
Library volunteers are also working on descriptions, which are being added to the catalogue entries, to assist users in finding material useful for their research. 
When visiting the Library, see the notes posted at the end of the shelves in the Ottawa Branch and BIFHSGO stacks or speak to the Reference Room staff to verify where materials are shelved. 
We will be providing updates as the physical integration of the collection proceeds. 
The BIFHSGO catalogue
The catalogue below reflects the BIFHSGO collection at the time that it was transferred to the Ottawa Branch.  It has not been updated and may list material that has been removed from the integrated collection.  
We are keeping the BIFHSGO catalogue on our website during the integration process. It is being used by volunteers as the two collections are integrated.
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